Monday, October 8, 2012

A Good Bye and a Hello

You may have noticed with the kick off of the Altered Tag challenge that we have a new designer on board here at Frilly and Funkie.  The end of our first 6 month term has come and gone and we're sad to say that Tammy Roberts has stepped down from the Frilly side of our team.  I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank Tammy for the sensational shabby work she contributed to our inspirational line up during her six months with our team.  I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite pieces of Tammy's work that graced our blog during that time.

Tammy Roberts - Paperie Sweetness

Thank you, Tammy, for these lovely pieces as well as all the other beauties you brought to our posts.  We wish you all the best in your future design work!

And of course as one designer leaves, that opens up an opportunity for another designer to come on board and we are thrilled to welcome Rebecca Deeprose from Paper Primrose to the Frilly side of the team.  When I asked Rebecca to share a little about herself with us, this is what she had to say:

"I love to share ideas and inspire others to create the images of their dreams. Because life is better when we share, I give tips, templates, material lists and soon…videos! I do believe we’re all blessed with a creative spark. We ignite that spark in each other and it makes life so very much richer. Follow me on this path and I will share the creative skills and ideas I find along the way! When you can, share what you’re creating with me. I really would love to see! One of my favorite quotes and a thought I live by is, ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect, to be wonderful!’ Don’t wait for ‘perfect’ to share!"

Welcome aboard, Rebecca!  We are so happy that you are willing to share with us here at Frilly and Funkie!


  1. Hello Linda, Tammy's work has been a real pleasure to see. Look forward to seeing Rebecca's work now. A x

  2. I shall miss Tammy! Her work is always so wonderful. Looking forward to meeting Rebecca.

  3. It was an honor to work with you Tammy, wishing you much success! I am thrilled to get to know you Rebecca and to have the chance to work along side of you!