Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Step X Step - Tussie Mussie

Cec here and today is my turn for the Step X Step so I am going to show you how I made the Tussie Mussie for the Christmas Preparations challenge.

I started with a 10" square of paintable wallpaper. I picked this up at a local paint and wallpaper store and have a large roll for under $20. You can see just how deeply embossed it is. I suggest you try to find an all-over pattern such as this one rather than one that is in a grid. You can paint it but I chose to leave it white. You could also use a square of patterned card stock.

On the back side, add a strip of double-sided tape down one edge, making sure to butt it right up to the edge. Grab your square by the corner opposite your taped edge and roll into a cone, making sure you get a point and once you are happy with the shape, stick the taped edge to the cone. If your seam isn't perfect, don't worry because when you hang your Tussie Mussie the seam is going to be at the back.

Next I trimmed the cone so that the top was flat. If you are using double-sided patterned card stock, you might choose not to trim the top down as I did. I punched two holes on either side of the top and added a ribbon for a hanger, knotting each end on the inside.

The next step was to pull out a variety of venise laces and other trims and decorate the cone. I added lace to the inside of the top facing it upwards and then added some deep venise lace and a row of pearls to the top. Other laces and trims were added at intervals down the length of the Tussie Mussie as you can see in the finished product. Some laces face up and some down. Once the laces were in place, I tucked a bead dangle to hang from the bottom.

Next I took a Melissa Frances cherub and painted it gold with some craft paint. This was glued to the top on the side opposite the seam (the front). Then I began to make other elements to put inside the tussie mussie.

The gold berries came in a spray so I removed three of them and wrapped them in white floral tape and then I wrapped the three together.

I found some free sheet music online, sized it on the computer and printed it. Then I distressed it with my scissors and inked it with some Vintage Photo Distress Ink before I rolled it into a tube.

I cut a length of gold mes ribbon, pinched the bottom together and wrapped some metallic wire around it to make a fan shape.

The flower was made from layers of crinoline and tulle cut with the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die. A pearl brad was added to the centre.

To finish the Tussie Mussie, I filled it with shredded curly paper and then glued in all the elements I made as well as some feathers and pearl sprays from my stash. I hope you will give one of these a try because they are quite easy to make and can me decorated and filled in numerous ways. This one is going to hang on my Christmas tree and fill one of the pesky bare spots because it is so long. You can make your Tussie Mussie whatever length you want.

The following products from The Funkie Junkie Boutique were used to create this project:

Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Focus - Distress Glitters

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Hi everyone. Jenny here with our regular Friday Focus feature here at Frilly and Funkie. This week's featured product is relatively new to the market so it's really special that Linda has chosen to give everyone a 15% discount for this coming week (and that's on top of the current discounted prices!!) You can find them HERE.
I've become seriously addicted to Distress Glitters recently as they are incredibly opaque and don't leave my clothing, house. family, dog, etc. sparkling for days. I wouldn't mind but they're not so keen - LOL!
This little papermache box has a removable lid and was purchased really cheaply at a local discount store. Having sat, unloved, for a long time it has now been transformed into a special container for a present.
Here's a quick 'how to'. I started by applying cheap PVA glue with a sponge through two stencils (one for the house and one for its roof).
Once the glue had dried Distress Ink was blended over the top. Possibly due to the type of base, the ink seemed to intensify the glued areas rather than being resisted by them.
Having dried the ink the stencils were replaced and another layer of glue applied in patches. Distress Glitters were then sprinkled over the top, allowed to settle/dry and then lightly brushed to remove any excess.
Finally I flicked Dylusions White Linen spray over the whole house to mimic snow, spritzing it with water in places to allow the splotches of ink to run slightly.
The windows were created using Tim Holtz's chalkboard technique (see his November Tag for a step by step). My version used embossed card rather than stamped card, but the effect is the same.
Now for the trimmings. Venise lace gave the roof a rather fancy border, much better than guttering! I used thin Wonder Tape to attach it as this gives a strong enough bond to hold it in position.
Rather that bother with a chimney I went for a seam binding bow with a little bakers twine added. The seam binding is coloured with Distress Stain and crinkles beautifully when dried with a heat gun.
Various shapes were cut from the Sizzix Festive Greenery strip die. Most of these were covered in Distress Glitter, though the holly leaves were kraft glassine, inked up with Copper Mixative. The silver tinsel was given a patina, a technique learned from Creative Chemistry 102.
I hope you have got some ideas from this for your own festive projects from this and seen the potential for using these fabulous Distress Glitters. Remember, as a Friday Focus product they will  have that extra 15% discount applied for the coming week. They are well worth investing in and will last for ages.

Take care of yourselves,

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Step by Step

Hello there. It’s Rebecca and it’s my turn for a Saturday Step X Step at Frilly and Funkie. Since I haven’t shown you how I made my cracker from this post, I thought you might like to take a look just in case you want to include these in some of your holiday plans. Before we get to the ‘how’ I want to share some other designs I’ve played around with…
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fsat.stepxstep-1This one is made from some metallic gold wrapping paper and the ‘Festive Greenery’ die from Alterations. The dots of glossy accents added over the card stock berries haven’t finished drying..but you get the idea…
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fsat.stepxstep-2
This one is made from some burlap printed wrapping paper! I used some white paper lace doily, a strip of jute ribbon, a card stock pine cone and fir sprig that were die cut from the ‘Tattered Pinecone’ Alterations die and treated to some faux snow made with Wendy Vecchi’s Embossing Paste. There are three small, rusted jingle bells tied on with linen thread, just for fun…
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fsat.stepxstep-3This cracker has a very different ‘feel’ to it. The wrapping paper has hollographic stars on it and the embellishment is a ‘Snowflake Rosette’ made with another Alterations die. The rosette is topped with a metal filagree snowflake that was heat embossed with holographic embossing powder and topped with a colored rhinestone. Now for the ‘how’. Once you make one, the process becomes clear…
sat.step-4Begin with a piece of paper that is 12″ wide and 6″ high. Score the paper at 2-1/4″, 2-3/4″ and 3-1/4″ from each end. Fold the 3 score lines so that they look like this...
sat.step-5The diagram is shown with the ‘right’ side up. In other words, think of the side with measurements as the right side of your cracker…
sat.steo-6Now fold the edge so that the middle score line is the only fold and the ‘right sides of the end of the cracker are facing each other. This will allow you to cut a series of V shapes across the entire length. Make certain that you leave small, uncut points. It is these small points of attachment that will break apart when someone pulls the ends apart. Cut the other end the same way...
sat.step-7This is what you should have now. Along the bottom (or top) edge, apply double sided tape as shown. It isn’t necessary to continue the tape over the cut areas. Leave the protective strip in place for now…
sat.step-8Now turn your cracker over so the wrong side is facing you. If you want your crackers to make an authentic ‘Snap’, then you will need to order some. I googled ‘Christmas Snaps’ and found a US company that shipped quickly and cheaply. Now, it is time to attach ONE end only of the snap, recessed just a bit from the edge. I used a small glue dot, pressing it firmly in place. It is important that the center of the snap not be attached. The unattached end will be secured later…
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fsat.stepxstep-8aNow it’s time to decorate. I either punched a design at each end or in the case of the ‘faux burlap’ cracker, I used a pair of decorative scissors to scallop the ends. For this one, I adhered two strips of the paper doily strips followed by a piece of jute ribbon. The dimensional embellishments can be adhered after the cracker is finished. The next step is to peel off the backing paper of the double stick tape for the center section only and carefully rolling the cracker, attach one long end to the other. Then do the same to each short section…
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fsat.stepxstep-9Once you have turned it into a three part tube, it’s time to tie ONE end only. I used a variety..ribbon, linen thread, cord, etc. Tie it as tightly as the fold allows. If you pull too hard, you may break the points of attachment. A really fun part is next. You get to fill the center compartment with whatever goodies and little gifts you choose. Once filled, you will tie the other cut band closed…
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fsat.stepxstep-11Now it’s time to attach the second end of the snap, just below the other edge. It was necessary for me to trim mine. The center portion of the ‘snap’ is free floating in the cracker.

I hope you have fun with this idea. It would be a wonderful project to enlist some children in and the possibilities are tremendous! Now, I have to decide what design I’m going to use! I’ve begun to collect all sorts of little gifts…nail polish, keychain flashlights, a tiny fresh pepper grinder…whatever you think would be enjoyed and that will fit into the cracker!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

((hugs)) and blessings,