Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Step x Step - Bohemian Scrhapsody

Hi! Happy Saturday!  Suzz here to share a step x step that I am affectionately calling "Bohemian Scrhapsody".   I wanted to share how to use up some scraps and was very much inspired by the Bohemian style that is popular right now and of course I used some favorite words for the current challenge "Let the Words Do the Talking". 

I don't know about you but I have a teensy problem with holding onto pieces of backgrounds from various projects.  These bits and pieces build up in a folder waiting to be pulled out and used at a future date.  I knew I wanted to use a variety of bright colors to emulate the Bohemian effect so I pulled out a pile of my leftovers:
I sorted through them to grab a variety of colors that worked together, which became the scraps to use on my card.

Usually with my grid cards I will take the smallest pieces and start laying them out on the card.  This time I decided to draw my pattern on the card.  If you have re-positionable tape it it really helpful in laying out your grid and moving the pieces around to see what layout you like.
 After I had started my grid I started cutting pieces from my scraps to fit my pattern.  I then started to tape them down on the paper. This helps determine which colors and patterns you want side by side. I ended up removing one of my scraps as the colors were too strong in the pattern.
At this point I have laid down a mix of patterns cut to size to fit the grid.  When you cut your pieces or if you draw your design on the paper try to stick to easily measured sizes. For some reason I started with slightly off sizes which took more time to match up as I went through my design.  With this you can veer from your design and work with what you have from a scraps and pattern. 

 On the outside pieces I trimmed to the pieces to fit after I attached the pieces to make it easier when fitting the pieces.
 This is the finished card front.  After I finished I decided I would like to frame this out on a white cardbase.  I cut it down and painted it with a coat of white paint to soften the overall colors.
 I wanted to keep the front fairly simple to show off my pretty patterns.  I decided to add a vellum butterfly accented with a bunch of flowers died to match.  I added a quick sentiment stamped in coordinating colors along the side and finished with a few buttons which were white washed.
 As often happens when I am creating, I ended up with more scraps and an extra piece of cardstock from my card base.  I decided to create a scrapling card from the extra pieces.  This time I decided to place my scraps randomly leaving borders around the pieces.
 When I finished the base I had an empty space on the card which I left open.  You can use embellishments, die cuts, ephemera or stamped images to place over or in the open spaces on your grid.
I used a punched bird to cover my opening and created a little nest with a bunch of scraps leftover from my trimming the pieces.

 I hope you have enjoyed the scraps and it inspires you to pull yours out and use some of them.



  1. Brilliant! Love the colour combo, the way you designed each of these and your choice of embellishments for each card! Thank you so much for sharing xx

  2. Gorgeous! Those colours are amazing, and I love your use of leftover panels! Beautiful Suzz! hugs :)

  3. I love this idea! As I have branched out into making master boards for my projects, I find I am accumulating quite a few of these scraps, too. What a brilliant way to use them...and what a gorgeous bohemian project! That vellum butterfly is magnificent!

  4. Beautiful! Great idea for using scraps.

  5. So very clever, - what a fantastic way to use up your scraps! The designs on both of them and the way you finished them look fantastic!!

  6. Great idea, Suzz and I love the patterns and colors you were working with. <3 Autumn

  7. Fabulous use of your extra BEAUTIFUL paper scraps--it would have been a shame to throw them out! So clever a design on both pieces! Thank you for the inspiration! Hugs!