Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday Showcase - Seth Apter's Baked Texture Powders - Going Beyond Mixed Media

Welcome! Sara Emily here this week to bring you our Saturday Showcase where we feature a particular product or range stocked by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. Today I will be focusing on Seth Apter's newly released Baked Texture powders. Mixed media comes to mind when I think of these powders, but I wanted to show you just how diverse these are used on both a shabby, frilly card and on a grungy mixed media style project. You are only limited by your imagination when using these wonderful textural powders.

I'd like to say I have a video tutorial for you, but my skills are lacking in the technology department, so grab a snack and get comfy, because true to form, I have a nice long post for you today! Remember, click on any photo to zoom in.

For my frilly card, I created a shabby frame using Deep Sea, Ancient Amber and Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture powders. Here are the steps I took:

1. Die cut the Ornate Frame and apply a thick coat of  black Impasto paint.
2. Apply gold crackle paint in varying thicknesses. Allow to dry.

3. Tap the dried frame with Versamark embossing pad, apply Deep Sea powder thickly and randomly, allowing some of the gold crackle to show through. You can use other binding agents such as Ranger's Emboss It dabber or any embossing ink. Paint and collage medium works well, too.
4. Once the powder has cooled, I blasted it in one spot to reheat the molten powder, and sprinkled with Ancient Amber very lightly, and quickly reheated to just melt. I repeated this in several areas.
5. Admire how beautiful the deep blue looks with the varied gold tones. I can see this luscious powder used over and over again on projects as we get into the summer months, especially on sea themed projects.

6. I applied a coat of Collage medium in matte once everything was fully cooled. This takes the shine off. You can leave it shiny if that's your preference.
7. To give it a shabby appearance and to better blend with the gorgeous Prima Lavender papers, I sponged on some chalky paint randomly.

Next, I filled the frame with this lovely paper from the Lavender A4 paper pad and gave it an encaustic (heated beeswax) look that has blogland buzzing with excitement. I also stamped into the waxy appearing powder while it was still molten, first inking my rubber stamp with archival ink. I saw Seth show this on this video, so I held my breath and stamped away. Lastly, I added a rub on to complete my sentiment.

Here's how I did it:

1. Ink chosen paper with various Distress inks. I do this by smooshing my ink pad on the craft mat and spritzing with water, dipping my card into the puddle and drying between colors.
2. I swiped on Ranger Emboss It Dabber and covered my panel completely with Vintage Beeswax. I repeated this three times, and while the last layer was still wet I made my stamped impression. (You'll notice this is a different panel; the first one was too bold, so I just added more water to my puddles on my second try. The Vintage Beeswax will amplify the colors, so you want to go light for a real beeswax look. Also, it's important to cut your shape before applying the powder or it will crack. Mine has cracks, because I wanted them there. I think you could just remelt it if you crack it accidentally.
3. (Not shown)  Heat gently at the top and sprinkle lightly with Ancient Amber. In the close up below, you can see the lovely shimmer it gives.
4. Coat the panel with matte collage medium to take down the shine for an authentic encaustic look. I think I added my rub on after this layer dried, which in hindsight would have best been done prior to adding the collage medium.

Here are some close ups of my frilly card. I have a list of links to the products I've used at the bottom of this post. Just click on the Thumblinky, and you will be magically transported to The Funkie Junkie Boutique where all products are discounted every day!

 Just look at that beautiful texture!

And now for my Funkie card. When I first saw Seth's Chunky Rust, I was in Rusty Love! But I've seen so many use it to create the most beautiful rusted projects, I wanted to try something different-BRICKS! Well, I did manage to get a little rust on this card, too! I fell a little short on the process shots for this project, but I think I can talk my way through it.

1. After making my background on Heavy Stock, I swiped clear crackle paste over it and left it to dry. This caused the colors to blend quite a bit, but I was expecting that. I only wanted a subtle design; I was thinking of the grungy artful graffiti we saw on the building walls in beautiful Charlotte, NC this weekend.
2. (Not shown) I did some background stamping.
3. Using two different bricks stencils, I applied modeling paste. While it's still wet, I applied Chunky Rust powder, and a sprinkle of Rocky Road (just on the lower bricks). I let that dry and when dry heated  to melt. Those fuzzy fibers everyone is so excited about melt right into the paste, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Who's ever heard of fuzzy bricks?
4. (Not shown) I ran a line of collage medium along the top of the lower bricks and sprinkled with Rocky Road. I wanted this to look like a half wall my chap was leaning on. I also added a bit where his feet would be for something for him to stand on.

Now for some embellishments:

1. Die cut some gears from Heavy Stock and apply Emboss It Dabber. Sprinkle thickly with Rocky Road and a bit of Chunky Rust mixed together. (Not shown)
2. Heat to melt, and while still molten, sprinkle lightly with Patina Oxide.

I find that Distress paint makes a great binding agent when applying powders to metal. I just dab on the paint, dry it partially and dip it into the powder, then heat to melt. For my Mini Gear, I used my Rocky Road/Chunky Rust mixture.

Here are some close ups of some of that yummy texture.

I used Tim's Speckles stencil with the Embossing Dabber and my mixture of Chunky Rust/Rocky Road around the edge of the back panel. Giving it a coat of collage matte medium makes it look more like real rusting wrought iron.

Here's my recipe for rusted wrought iron using three Baked Textures powders. A big fan of rust, I've never found rust-making this easy! You'll need :
Die cut or other surface on which to make rust
Grit Paste (optional)
Black Soot and Cracked Pistachio (optional) Distress paint
Collage medium in matte
Emboss It Dabber or embossing ink
Baked Texture powders: Rocky Road, Chunky Rust and Patina Oxide

1. Use a spatula to apply Distress Grit paste to your card or die cut; allow to dry or speed up with your heat tool. Because the Rocky Road is so loaded with texture, you probably could skip this step.
2. When dry, apply Black Soot Distress paint.

3.  While paint is wet, cover with Rocky Road. Heat to melt. Love those rocky bits in this powder!
4. When cooled, cover with matte collage medium.
5. While this is still wet, dip into or sprinkle with Chunky Rust. Heat just until starting to melt -- you want to see those fibers!

6. I added just the teensiest bit of Cracked Pistachio for patina, but then thought, duh!, I could add that with Patina Oxide! But I do like the variation of color it provides.
7. Tap with the Emboss It Dabber and lightly sprinkle with Patina Oxide. Heat lightly as in previous step.

I think it looks pretty amazing on the card stock and die cuts, but check out this swivel clasp and Hinge Clip! I think I used the Emboss It Dabber on the chain link, and it worked well, but using the dabber on metal isn't always reliable. If you heat it too much or apply too much of the liquid, the powder will chip off. You will see how I used these embellishments on my March 7 post for Frilly and Funkie.

On this gold scroll, I applied two layers of Ancient Amber. Then I dabbed very lightly with black Soot paint. While wet, I covered with the powder and shook off the excess before heating a third time.

Here's Patina Oxide on black card stock heated lightly for even more great bubbly texture.

In the photo below you see that rusty wrought iron rust combination of Rocky Road, Chunky Rust and Patina Oxide over the black gesso die cut (On the right.). Love it!

Finally, I had to see what Dirty Sand looked like. I sponged Picket Fence Distress paint on one of the beautiful bronze filigree pieces from The Funkie Junkie Boutique. While the paint was wet, I covered the piece completely with powder, shook off the excess and heated to get this amazing enameled finish in one easy application. You can get a sense of the fabulous texture in the close up photo.

Thank you hanging in there with me as I explored my new Baked Texture powders. It's my hope that I've inspired you to try at least one, if not all seven, of these fabulous new powders in your upcoming masterpieces! I'm sure you will agree they are not like any embossing powders you've played with before. Have you picked a favorite from the set yet? If you have any questions, please include them in the comment section below.

Another Frilly and Funkie team member will be back next Saturday to share a new tutorial. In the meantime, there's still time to enter the current Frilly and Funkie challenge 'Dare to Resist'.

Happy Creating!
Sara Emily

The following products were used and are available for purchase at The Funkie Junkie Boutique:


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  9. Thank you for your sweet comments! I had a lot of fun playing with Seth's powders, and I can't wait to see how our readers will be using them going forward! Hugs!

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