Saturday, May 7, 2022

Saturday Showcase - Distress Medium Techniques

Hello, I’m Janna and welcome to this week’s Saturday Showcase at the Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog. Today I want to highlight some Idea-ology and Sizzix products by making a index card file with the new Vignette Card File. In the box I will be placing some swatch cards and technique cards. I will be breaking this showcase up into three parts, each with a corresponding video.

Part 1 - Altering the Vignette Card File (For video click Here.)

Part 2 - Making Swatches and Technique Cards (For video click Here.)
  1. Swatch Glazes
  2. Swatch Card Mediums
  3. Swatch Archival Ink
  4. Swatch Card Glitters & Sticky Embossing Powder
  5. Distress Glazes over Texture Paste Opaque
  6. Distress Glazes over Crackle Paste Translucent
  7. Distress Glazes over Crackle Paste Opaque
Part 3. Making Technique cards using Distress Ink and Paper Dolls (For video click Here.)
  1. Distress Ink blending and drip
  2. Distress Ink dip
  3. Distress Ink + contrasting Distress Oxide dip
  4. Distress Ink watercolor stamping
  5. Reinker watercoloring
  6. Altering Idea-ology Paper Dolls with Distress Markers
  7. Altering Idea-ology Paper Dolls with Distress Glaze
  8. Altering Idea-ology Paper Dolls with Distress Crayons
  9. Altering Idea-ology Paper Dolls with Distress Embossing Medium Frosted Crystal

Part 1: Altering the Vignette Card File.
(For video click Here.)

The first step for altering the Vignette Card File is to remove the drawer pull. To do this, I used a star screwdriver to remove the handle.

Next to get a more grungy look going, I spritzed the box with Black Soot Distress Spray Stain. Then I wiped down the box and sprinkled a little bit of water onto the box to create droplets.

With the base substrate altered I then decided to add some textural interest to the box with die cuts from Brushstroke Flowers #4.

For die cutting, I decided to use a substrate of the Black Idea-ology Kraft Stock paper. Before die cutting, I added double sided tape to the paper to make assembly easier.

Below is one of the assembled flowers done in layers of Black Kraft Stock.

To get all the flowers to fit on the Vignette Index File, I cut down the flowers with the Tonic Tim Holtz Mini Trimmer.

Here I have started the assembly process of adding die cuts to the Vignette Index File. With the double sided tape on the flowers and leaves, it was easy to stick the die cuts onto the box like stickers. Even better: it was easy to move them and reposition if the die cuts didn't quite line up.

With all the die cuts on the box, I then took some Statue Distress Foundry Wax and added it to the raised portions of the die cuts. I placed some of the Foundry Wax onto the kraft mat portion of the Glass Media Mat. I let it sit until the Foundry Wax started to stiffen slightly to the texture of peanut butter. Then with a finger, I gently brushed it onto the raised die cuts.

Now the magic happens. Here I used an embossing gun to heat the Foundry Wax. To the far right the wax has melted and I am working my way over to the left. The vibrancy of the Foundry Wax is gorgeous, and so bright that my camera had a hard time picking up the color.

Here are the finished results of the melted Foundry Wax.

Below is the completed Vignette Index File. After making all of the alterations, I reattached the draw pull with a star screwdriver.

Products Used:

Part 2 - Making Swatches and Technique Cards
(For video click Here.)

For this portion of the file box project I will be making some swatch cards and some Distress Embossing Glaze technique cards. To start, I am going to use the small folded Idea-ology File Cards.

To alter the first two cards, I covered the outsides with washi tape. I used the blue Idea-ology Design Tape, Marbled and some thinner tape from an older Idea-ology tape set.

Once the outsides were covered, I then added some sticker labels I printed out.

Below is the second file card I altered. This time I used some of the red and green marbled Design Tape and a small ruler themed tape.

To alter the other two folded cards, I decided to collage the outsides of them. I used a matching set of Pocket Cards to cover the outsides. These I glued down with some Collage Medium.

With the Pocket Cards glued in place, I then trimmed the edges with the Tim Holtz Tonic Mini Snips.

After I collaged with Idea-ology Ephemera Pack, Memoir; Ticket Book, and botanical. Last I added a custom label sticker.

Here is the second altered and collaged file card.

Now let’s fill these swatch booklets. I am going to start with the Distress Embossing Glazes. Here I have made a little space for each color and handwritten in each color name.

Next let’s swatch some Ranger Tim Holtz Mediums. Here I will be swatching: Opaque Distress Texture Paste, Translucent Distress Texture Paste, Opaque Distress Crackle Paste, Translucent Distress Crackle Paste, Opaque Distress Grit Paste, Translucent Distress Grit Paste, Distress Effects Rock Candy, and Frosted Crystal Distress Embossing Medium.

Here are the fully dried mediums. I added some Distress Ink on places to better show the wonderful crackle and textures of the mediums.

Now let’s try out some glaze techniques with some mediums. First I cut down some backgrounds to fit the index cards.

For the first card I used the Bubbles Layering Stencil and applied Opaque Distress Texture Paste through it. Then I sprinkled Distress Embossing Glazes Salty Ocean, Twisted Citron, and Salvaged Patina over the Texture Paste.

After letting the Texture Paste dry for about 30 minutes, I then used an embossing gun to melt the Glaze. Below are the finished results.

For the next card, I used the Scribbles Layering Stencil and spread Opaque Crackle Paste through it. For Distress Embossing Glazes, I added Candied Apple, Villainous Potion, and Picked Raspberry over the top.

After waiting 30 minutes, the Crackle Paste started cracking under the Distress Embossing Glaze. Then I heat embossed the glaze to get a finish like cracked ceramics.

On the last card, I used the Flourish Layering Stencil and added Distress Embossing Glazes Wilted Violet, Picked Raspberry, Salty Ocean, Fossilized Amber, and Wild Honey.

For the last card with Translucent Crackle Paste the crackle was slightly cracked after 30 minutes. After heat embossing, the crackle was much more noticeable. The Translucent is generally more subtle than the Opaque Crackle. To get it to show up, I used some Picket Fence Distress Crayon to highlight the crackles.

Here are the three finished technique cards.

Products Used in Part 2:

Part 3: Making Technique cards using Distress Ink and Paper Dolls
(For video click here.)

For our first technique card we will be looking at a classic Tim Holtz Distress Ink technique: ink blending and water droplets. Here I will be using Picked Raspberry, Mustard seed, and Mermaid Lagoon Distress inks.

We simply make a blend of the three colors on the index card using some dome foam applicators. The card is being held in place by the new Tim Holtz Media Grip Mat.

Then slowly spritz a few water drops over the top. Once the water is on the card, absorb the droplets with a paper towel.

Next, using the same three colors, we will look at another classic technique: the smoosh, dip, and dry technique. I squished three inks on the kraft mat then spritzed with water. Then I smooshed the index card into the ink to get an impression. After I dripped water on the card to get the ink moving and then dried it with the Ranger heat tool.

Afterwards, I repeated the process to build up inky layers. For more in-depth check out the tutorial video.

Now we are going to create a Distress Oxide contrast over the top a base of Distress Ink and dip splatters. Follow the steps for the previous card and build up inky layers.

Next pick a contrasting color of Distress Oxide Ink. Here I chose Iced Spruce.

Smoosh the Distress Oxide Ink onto the craft mat and spritz with water. Then dip and dry until satisfied with color.

Here we are water coloring with Distress Reinkers. First, I stamped some floral outlines with Distress Ink on the index card. Then I heat embossed some Clear Ranger fine embossing powder to create a resist.

Here I took Reinkers and a Ranger Fine Tipped Water Brush add painted on the inside of the embossed stamped lines. For colors, I used Mowed Lawn and Twisted Citron on the leaves. For the flowers, I used Picked Raspberry, Mustard Seed, Crackling Campfire, and Carved Pumpkin.

Below are the finished results of the water coloring.

Next I made a quick techique card for lineless water color stamping. Pick a stamp and ink it up. Here I chose to ink with Mini Distress Inks; it would also work to color directly on the stamp with Distress Markers. Then I spritzed the stamp with water.

Here are the finished results of stamping the inked and spritzed stamp.

Now let us turn our attention to altering some Paper Dolls. For our first alteration, I used Distress Embossing Glaze in the color of Salty Ocean. First I added some Embossing Ink to the paper doll using the Distress Embossing Pen before adding the glaze. Last I heated the glaze powder with an embossing gun.

For this paper doll I used Distress Crayons to add some color. I used the colors Dusty Concord, Prize Ribbon, and Tattered Rose. To add the color I scribbled some Distress Crayon onto the Media Mat and then used a water brush to pick up the color and gently apply it to the paper doll.

For our next to last alteration, I decided to use a material that has been in my stash for a while: Distress Markers. Here I colored this paper doll using Distress Markers: Stormy Skies, Faded Jeans, Tattered Rose, Frayed Burlap, and Gathered Twigs.

Here on the last alteration I used Frosted Crystal Embossing Powder. First I used the Embossing Pen to add ink and then sprinkled on Frosted Crystal Embossing Powder before heating with an embossing gun. Then I used Distress Reinkers to color the paper doll using a water brush. For colors I used Rustic Wilderness, Tattered Rose, and Fossilized Amber.

Below are all four altered paper dolls set on collaged tags.

For Index box tour click hereand go to time stamp 0:47:34 .

Products Used in Part 3:

Thank you so much for joining me here today at the Funkie Junkie Boutique Challenge Blog. Until next time, happy crafting!
Janna~ 💕🎨💕

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  1. What an amazing post filled to the top with great techniques and oh! That box! Bookmarking this post so I can keep coming back to soak up all the details. Bravo, Janna!

  2. Agree, an amazing post indeed. Love that there is the written direction along with the videos. I usually read directions and if I don't understand something, then I go to the video. Love all the swatches!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I love a good swatch as a quick reference.

  3. No words can describe how FABULOUS this post is, Janna!!!!!
    I’m going to recommend this to my Besties during our upcoming camping week- we always bring our crafts & share time together. Your set of videos is chock full of so many techniques so awesomely filed together!!!
    This. ROCKS!!!

  4. WOW! So amazing Janna. What a great idea to create all the swatches for at your fingertips reference!

    1. Thank you! I love quick references for when I have creators block. Happy crafting!

  5. This is an amazing post Jana! So much detail and info!

  6. Brilliant post, Janna! Like Sara Emily, I've bookmarked this & your wonderful videos! And what a wonderful reference you've created for yourself during those inevitable fallow periods. I'm a little late to the party, but so glad I caught up with all of this. Cheers, Lynn

    1. Thank you so much! I had so much fun filling the file box for those days when creator block strikes. Happy crafting!