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Lyla's Tiny Scrapbook

Hello! Lyla here, starting off the latest theme for The Funkie Junkie Boutique that will be posting for the next two weeks. Owner Linda Coughlin has the Design Team creating something for the guys with "Hats Off to Our Men,"! Since I've had this project in mind for some time, parts of it were already cut out, but I found myself changing my mind at the last minute, of course. and re-designing my idea as I went. Come along with me and see how I crafted this Tag to become a Tribute to "EMERGENCY!"

You can see from this first picture; I already had the die cuts and (Sizzix) Shaker Domes for the television set ready (TH Bigz Alterations Die Retro TV- retired?), as well as brown paper wrap (packaging wrap from TFJB Happy Mail) already cut and stacked, ready to become a miniature scrapbook.

Some things I used can be found by clicking on these helpful LINKS:

I used regular kitchen foil onto cardstock for the 3D Foundry Folder, and a couple sheets of Backdrops Vol. 5 for the Brickwork & Mechanics 3D Folders all inked with either Black Soot or Ground Espresso Oxides.

Then adhered each of the embossed Backdrops to all the Etcetera pieces and cut them out before sanding down all the edges.

I distressed all the "metal" pieces with Black Soot Distress Paint using
a regular paint brush, then wiping with a paper towel- keeping the crevices with paint.

Finally: that Lost Shadow Distress Crayon! Using this shade helped keep everything from being too dark. I made sure to edge every piece, then heat dry before inking all the corners for age.

I printed out a color photo and a black and white, inking up the B&W pic with some Distress Black Soot Oxide (and heat drying it first) then covering both with some clear contact paper. This keeps the photos from getting smeared while I work.

I used some leftover pieces of Backdrops Vol 5 to make covers for the miniature scrapbook.  A simple 2& 1/2 inches wide by 2 inches long- same as the stacked paper wrap. After gluing the edges down, another scrap went on top of the end folds (the folds would face the inside pages on both ends) to add some stiffness to the covers. Putting the stack of wrap papers in between the 2 covers, I used hemp string to make a simple wrap-through tie to hold the book together. Inking with Oxides in Vintage Photo and Ground Espresso, heat dry, then adding some odd leftover Remnant Rubs to make a title on the front cover.

I needed some paper photos to add to the miniature scrapbook; basically, just like what I had growing up!(I also had the Squad 51 Dodge truck, both Johnny and Roy dolls, with all the accessories, the EMERGENCY board game,  and an EMERGENCY! red helmet. I was all in!)

And a lot of cutting out and gluing- just like a normal-sized scrapbook.

To make the TV- I already had all the basic cuts and had used the TH Lumber 3D Embossing Folder on all the pieces- with Ground Espresso which seeped into the cracks, then heat dried them... and had packed them all away for what ended up being two years! I had been hoping to use them for the 50th Anniversary in 2022, but 52 is still a good number, too! To make the TV thinner- I simply scored the pieces that connect the front and back TV cuts thinner, and cut the V marks where I wanted them to fold- to make a folder or the mini-Scrapbook to hide inside.

The piece on the right is just the same "box" but smaller. It went into the far end of the larger box- to use as a 'stopper' so the scrapbook wouldn't slide too far inside.

Now, it was time to use that NEW TH SCORCHED LUMBER! Perfectly matched name for use on this project!

And this is what I ended up with... A Tribute to "EMERGENCY!one of my most favorite shows- ever!

FRONT of Tag

I used a lot of layering buildup on this FRONT SIDE.

BACK SIDE - Scrapbook is inside it's pocket.

Thanks so much for joining me on this nostalgic look back on a childhood favorite that made a huge difference in so many lives today! For this reason, I give a shoutout of THANK YOU FOR SERVING!
to those men who dreamed of a way to save lives faster & better-from James O. Page and the original small group, to all the men (and many women!) who followed in their footsteps. And it all began with "just a TV show"!

Be sure to pop back in as often as you can over the next two weeks, 
so you can enjoy more from the rest of the Design Team's coming posts!
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