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Lyla's Permanently Perfect Tag Featuring Ranger Archival Inks


It's time for another new theme! Lyla here, kicking off the next two weeks with my own take on TFJB Owner, Linda Coughlin's choice of challenge to our Design Team; "Permanently Perfect" where it's all about Archival Inks! There's a lot of colors to choose from, but in my world; I'm sticking with neutrals. So get yourself comfy and we'll get right down to business...

I grabbed a few things I thought I might use- along with some very necessary tools.

Here's your handy List of Links to find some of what I used:

I began by choosing some papers from TH Backdrops Vols 4 & 5, and a lot of misc. scraps. Using the 'smoosh' technique, I used TH Distress Oxide in Vintage Photo to age the papers. Distress Inks and Oxides must be heat dried, but Archival Ink does not.

Then I began stamping with the Archival in Jett Black by using my TH Stamping Platform. The Platform keeps your paper in place while allowing you to stamp your image as many times as you need- without the stamp moving around on you. If you're going to have a lot of stamp sets in the cling rubber (as shown above) or clear stamps- a Stamping Platform is a good tool to have.

Above: I stamped twice on these images, but it's so clear and precise you really can't tell!

In order to get the right placing for the Etcetera Mini Tag, I used both the guide on the Platform and the guide provided on my TH Glass Media Mat (shown underneath the Platform). This way, all I had to do was center my stamps with the numbers from measuring the Tag.

Another way to stamp: using a Clear Grid Block. These come in many sizes and sometimes, more shapes than just rectangles. The gridded lines help line up the stamp to keep it straight as you stamp freely with your hands. Stamping a larger area is easier since it can be done out in the open and not be limited by the smaller area of the Stamping Platform- which is generally 12x12 inches or less. However, it's extremely difficult, -if not impossible- to stamp again in the very same spot.

"Ghost stamping" is simply using your hand with your fingers lightly pressing on a few spots of the stamp being used or rolling it with your hand onto the surface. The stamp is not meant to be a fully clear, but less bold than normal stamping. (As shown by the numbers above.)

Stamping on the edge gives the illusion of the stamped image going on into the distance beyond the paper given. Be sure to put a scrap paper underneath the paper being stamped, or you'll run the chance of smearing your image, as well as a mess underneath the paper. 

When using Archival Ink, you must have an Archival Ink Stamp Cleaner. The formula is different for the Archival since it's a permanent ink, whereas the Distress Inks and Oxides can be easily wiped away with baby wipes and a gentler type of stamp cleaner. *Note: I always wipe with a baby wipe first and then do the rest of the stamp cleaning with  a good stamp cleaner (such as Ranger) for my Distress Inks and Oxides. The baby wipe's soap can cause a buildup in the details of the stamp, which can cause the stamp to "blur" the image. You'll notice the feel is softer on your stamps when you use the right cleaner.
Storing you stamps is also an important way of caring for these awesome tools- they're expensive and you'll want to help them last as long as you possibly can!

Here, you can see I've got everything cut out using both a TH Thinlits Vault Die as well as an older TH Tags Thinlits Die, and plain old TH Scissors to make the ticket and luggage tag.

Making a shelf that would fit my needs for both the suitcases and the clock to sit on, meant fashioning one myself. That's what the leftover edges from the Etcetera sets are for!

Above: I staggered the double-sticky foam onto the back of the suitcases, so they popped a bit. Then I used the leftover Etcetera edge to fill out the middle where the circle  would be if I hadn't needed it for a shelf.

I keep just about all my Etcetera leftovers. I never know when I might need a piece.

Putting the clock together.

Coloring the Inspector with TH Watercolor Pencils (Set 2), who is doubling here as a 737 Airline Pilot.


The goggles were fun to make and look cute!


BACKSIDE of TAG- with Ticket/Luggage Check out of pocket.

Backsides of the Ticket/Luggage Check

Thanks so much for joining me on yet another traveling adventure!

Once again; this new theme will be running for the next two weeks, with each
Design Team Member taking a turn at sharing their take on our latest theme;
"Permanently Perfect"!

Be sure to check back in every few days or you'll miss out on a post!
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Until next time...

Stay Safe &

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