Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday StepxStep: Metal Embossed Tags

Happy Saturday crafters! Anita Houston here, to try to add a little inspiration to your weekend.
A couple of weeks ago, Linda, for the Friday Focus, showed you how to create metal embellishments that were fabulous and real show stoppers. I am going to add to that for this Saturday Step x Step, and give you a quick tutorial showing you a few ways to create metal embossed tags.
Cut a piece of Foil Tape Sheet to fit a jumbo sized tag.
Apply the Foil Tape and use a brayer to flatten it for better adhesion. Trim the fol and punch the hole for the tag.
Using a Texture Fade of your choice, emboss the image on the tag. From this point, you have many options. The following snippit samples show you two options.
Sample #1: Apply Acrylic Paint Dabber making sure to get into every crack and crevice, let dry, then sand the top until a shiny finish appears. You can add an embossing medium and UTEE  to the whole image, and then heat emboss, for a wonderful thick glaze.
Sample #2: Apply Vintaj Ink Patina, let dry, sand the top, then apply the Vintaj Glaze.
Add drops of a darker Alcohol Ink straight from the bottle.
Using an Alcohol Ink Tool, dab the drops of ink on the tag. Add more darker ink and gradually add lighter colors until you achieve your desired look and color.
You can stop at this stage. The following snippit sample shows you another look using all the same techniques as this, but with more lighter Alcohol Ink than dark.
Sample #3
Sand the raised edges of the embossed design using a very fine grit paper or use a Vintaj Reliefing Block. Apply Vintaj Glaze or use UTEE heat embossing. When dry, add your embellishments and ribbon.

Don't forget to visit the Funkie Junkie Boutique. There are tons of metals just waiting to be used, and now the Boutique is carrying the wonderful Vintaj Patina Metal Inks and Glaze! 



  1. Hey there Anita, it is absolutely beautifull wowwzerssss but what if you don't have ALL of the above products and still want to make one of the fabby tags? Can you use something different to get the (almost) same result? Just asking...
    Absolutely fabulous, thank you for sharing Anita, hugs Terry xxx

    1. Hi Terry! Thank you for the question! I don't know what you don't have, but I'll try to help with improvising.
      If you don't have tags, you can use manila paper or folders and cut your own. If you don't have metal foil tape, good ol' foil works just fine, but you have to be careful sanding. If you don't have Alcohol Ink, permanent markers work well also. I have used Marvy Markers and they work great. I would venture to guess that most acrylic paints would work as well, but allow time to dry sufficiently. If you want the sanded look and have no paper, a nail file or steel wool work great as well. Always remember, there are no mistakes in Art. Do what you like and you will be happy with the end result! Thank you so much Terry!

    2. Hey there Anita, thank you so much for your reply...I really appreciate it a lot, I just love the technique you used and wanna try it too...I can make tags no problem...don't have the metal foil tape will use the good 'ol foil for that then..thankss and yep I will be carefull sanding no problem. Oke so I don't have any Alcohol inks, can use the permanent markers, will try it out....thanksss so much for explaining and helping me I have to sit down and try to work it out LOL...Hugs and thank you for your help. Much appreciated. Hugs terry xxxx

  2. Love this Anita. So many choices - thanks for highlighting quite a few here.
    I have found that if you wipe an anti static over an inked project that has dried, it 'sets' the surface without the need for glaze.
    Suggestions for Terry - you can also recycle aluminium packaging (watch for sharp edges) and Promarkers will blend with Ranger blending solution. Alternatively remove most of the ink with steel wool.
    Gonna have to search back for your flowers tut as I have some 'in progress' and would love to pick up some extra tips/techniques. Thank you so much for sharing - love your posts. What a team! Hugs, Buttons x

  3. Hello Anita
    A great tutorial and Tips, and wonderful Tags for inspiration as well.

  4. Hi Anita, thanks for your wonderful tutorial, I have just bought some metal sheets but have been to scared to use them, will go off now and have a try. Thanks again! Ax

  5. Whelp, my "wish list" grows longer now. ;) Perfect tutorial and wonderful inspiration to kick off the weekend! Off to Linda's store now.

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Anita, What a wonderful Tutorial. I don't have foiled sheets either, but will give it a try wit metal foil. TFS. Your Tags are so stunning. Enjoy your week-end. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx

  7. Fab tutorial Anita, love the patina effect. Sue C x

  8. Oh my, Anita, these tags are just phenomenal! I really love all the things you can do with the metal foil sheets - the embossing, alcohol inks, acrylic paints, all so very cool. What a terrific StepXStep - so much great info!

  9. Wonderful tutorial and beautiful artwork. I have foil, but not adhesive foil (how handy that would be!) What would you recommend for adhesive. I'm all out of tacky adhesive sheets, too.

    1. Kathy....been trying to email you for so long to thank you for all your comments to me the last couple of months...a huge thank you!!!!
      You can use a standard glue stick to adhere the foil to your tag, actually pretty much any liquid glue as well. Good luck!

    2. Wanted to let you know I used Glue n' Seal last week with regular kitchen foil and it worked great. You will see the result on my funkie kraft and twine tag this Wednesday.

  10. These are each totally stunning, Anita... awesome examples of what you can do with the foil!

  11. Fabulous tutorial, Anita! Love them all and it is so fun to play with foil!