Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Lyla's Scary Tombstone - How Scary is That!?!

   Fall officially begins today and it's exciting because of all the new Tim Holtz products hitting the shelves and filling mailboxes with Happy Mail! This is Lyla, and that means we're starting another 2-week theme here at TFJB Inspiration Ave! Linda, owner of The Funkie Junkie Boutique, is challenging the Design Team to make some fun with this one: "How Scary is That?!" and I'm all in! Since our adult Kids, and now our Grandbabies too, have always been very fond of Halloween, we try to have a bit of fun with it (especially when it comes to the Grandbabies and candy, lol!). Ours have already had Halloween decorations out and with a recent visit we had during our trip further north in New York, we happened onto an old cemetery that had me thinking of the perfect make. Get ready for the Trick-or-Treaters... or in this case; the TRICKS!

It wasn't too scary in the daylight... for now. (Pop over to my blog for more photos if you need to!)

There's old and NEW mixed in this make, but here's a handy list of LINKS!

Tim now has MANY choices in the Etcetera line of products! Since I didn't have any Etcetera Tombstones on hand (I did put the LINK in my list for you), I wondered if I could make my own. I was inspired by Tim's new release of shapes. I certainly already had quite a few different packages to try it!

I started out just using the "leftover pieces and then added on using more shapes on top to build outward on both sides equally. This made sure it was going to stand up on its own if needed.

The Scalloped Shelf added a cute touch.

If I didn't want to waste filling in with Etcetera, I simply got out the matboard.

Matboard filled in the middle of the Windows Cathedral, so it would look "carved" into.

I missed getting this 3D Texture Fade "Skulls" when it first came out, but got it on sale earlier this year... check out the off-season & Clearance at The Funkie Junkie Boutique!

A good coat of Gesso.

Here's the stone after filling in with Texture Paste and Crackle Paste.

Some Statue Foundey Wax sealed the deal!

Notice the alphabet is facing down and the numbering is facing up...

... using the newest TH Santa Greeting for lettering: The numbers need to go the opposite side of the paper from the alphabet lettering.

I added more ink, heat-dried, then Crackle Paste, then heat-dried and repeated the ink and drying. I purposefully got some into the lettering, to help it look more aged.

I cut 4 layers of the gates (largest pieces only) 2 of foam and 2 of the TH Blackout (scraps):

Some older TH items mixing in with the brand new.

Added some full Black Soot Distress Paint for some darkening on these returning IdeaOlogy pieces.

I doubled all the cuts and sanded both sides.

Some cuts of Mr. Bones, Edison, and a Mummy in progress. The Mummy was fussy cut and wrapped with Tea Dye Distress Reinker- sprayed with water first-then carefully heat-dried.

And here's what went down behind the scare...

Here's the full look of the stone before I added the Halloween Night (kids) die cuts.

Here come the Trick or Treaters! Tim's new "Halloween Night" Die can be used in many different ways!
I kept everything double-sided so it could be viewed from both sides of the tombstone.

The Grit Paste, Crypt Paste, Translucent Crackle Paste, and the awesome lettering from the TH Stretch (Uppercase) as well as the new TH Thinlits Die Santa Greetings all helped give this stone as realistic look!

I scratched out a few more of my own details and sanded the edges.

Ghost was jumping the gun- already rushing out to scare. Bat was rolling his eyes at the rest of the monster gang; wishing they'd stop goofing off.

The Mr. Bones twins started the entire thing: instead of shaking the chain to scare the Trick or Treaters, they were playing Tug of War... that is... until one twin lost his arms.

The sudden appearance of Hal O. Wen emerging from his grave scared the lower Frightful Things Ghost and set Edison to giggling. Mummy tried in vain to stuff one of his loose rags into Edison's mouth so they wouldn't be heard by the kids.

That's a wrap for this theme- for me, but if you'll check back in over the next 2 weeks, you're in for more... SCARY... makes from the rest of The Funkie Junkie Boutique's amazing Design Team!

Don't forget to join in on all the product release fun; making room for the new CHRISTMAS line from Tim Holtz:  IT'S NOT OVER YET!!

Until next time...

Stay Safe &

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