Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Focus - Ken Oliver Color Burst

Hello, it's Linda this week with our Friday Focus.  I haven't done a Friday Focus in quite awhile so I'm  bit rusty but I did want to share with you a super fun new product that was introduced by Ken Oliver in January at CHA - Color Bursts.  I just got a supply in at the Boutique.   Ken Oliver's Color Bursts are so much fun that I wanted to get them out in front of you all and also to offer a special 15% off Friday Focus discount.
Warning:  This post is photo heavy.  I spent an incredibly fun Sunday in my craft room playing all day with these little gems  They are very addictive!  I normally cycle on Sundays but it rained all day giving me the perfect excuse to play, play, play!

What are Color Bursts, you might ask.  They are teeny tiny granules of intense color that are activated by water.  And I do mean INTENSE!  It's such fun to see them BURST!  Using watercolor paper and a mister bottle of water, here is my first shot.  I used the Tim Holtz Wildflower stencil to put down some embossing ink and then clear embossed it.  You can see the little sprinkles of the Color Burst powders.  
Double click any photo to zoom in for details.

See what happens with just a light misting of water.
Yellow and Ultramarine Blue
And then I gave it a few more pumps of water.  You can stop any time the pattern pleases you.

Above, Alizarin Crimson and Orange.  On the left, a light misting and a little more on the right. 

Oops, if you can see this much Color Burst sprinkled on your paper, you probably have too much.  These few sprinkles resulted in this intense explosion of color.  Not my thing, but might be right for some projects.  For me, this one went in the trash can.

Above,  I sprinkled a tiny bit of Colorburst on my craft sheet and picked it up with my finger. Then I rubbed it horizontally across the paper.  You can see a bit of color on the dry paper where I rubbed it back and forth.  When it was misted with water, the color popped.  
An example of a fun and colorful background for a card.  Very quick and easy!
Here is another example where I rubbed the Color Burst granules on with my finger.
Above, Color Burst was sprinkled on and the piece was given a wash with a few sprinkles and water mixed together on my craft sheet.  The butterfly was outlined with a black stabilo pencil which also bleeds when wet.
Here are a few finished pieces that resulted from my play session.
Just mopping up a bit from my craft sheet.  I never want to waste all that gorgeous color!  Now I have a few beautiful tag backgrounds to get me started on future projects.

Well, have I sold you on this new product?  If not, the price certainly should.  They are so affordable.  The MSRP on a small bottle of Color Burst is $4.99.  The normal price at The Funkie Junkie Boutique is $3.99 and our Friday Focus 15% off price is just $3.39 each!  I have a small supply in stock, but the listing is set up to allow back orders.  If our stock has been exhausted, your Color Bursts will be ordered for you and will take approximately 10 days for us to get in stock.  Back ordering will allow you to secure your Color Bursts at the Friday Focus sale price.

Ken Oliver has a great video on YouTube where you can see the Color Bursts in action.  And don't forget, everything you need to make the projects above can be purchased at 20% below MSRP at The Funkie Junkie Boutique!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!



  1. Having only seen Ken Oliver himself in action with these it's really interesting to see the results you've achieved Linda. Clearly less is more and they do create very quick and beautiful backgrounds. Thank you for sharing this informative tutorial. Jenny x

  2. I got some of these fantastic watercolors at my local shop a few weeks ago and they are just great. I have a small hanging on my blog now that I did with them. They are fun to work with and have so many possibilities! I love what you've done with them!

  3. So much fun! I love saturated colors, so this new product is "right up my tree"! Your project with the black stamping on the coral background is stunning!

  4. Holy cow Linda, this is spectacular!! I am completely sold on this product, what a wonderful Focus post!! The colours are so vibrant and I love the combinations you used!! Off I go to add some to my wish list! hugs :)

  5. Oh Boy Linda!! I just had to pop by for today's Friday Focus ;) :) I can't wait to use my Ken Oliver Color Bursts!! They are sitting on my craft table right now, pining for me to start using them :) :) I have a feeling, they might meet paper and water this weekend :) :) Thank you for sharing your experiments!! XOXO-Shari

  6. WOW, these are stunning examples of these awesome inks! I love all the backgrounds you've created! So much fun making your own.

  7. So interesting Linda. Really great to see all the different ways you used these. Sounds so fun. Thanks bunches. j.

  8. Fabulous examples Linda ! The colours really are vibrant ! Sue C x

  9. Wow Linda, what a great technique tutorial, those color burst crystals are amazing! Think I'll have to get you to add some to my TH pre-order, what a cool new product. Thanks for telling us about them and demonstrating their use.

  10. Just got some color burst and am looking at ways people use them. I love your use of stencils and stamps with them. Thanks