Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Step X Step- Crackling Glass

Well, who doesn't love Crackle! Why not crackle glass! Oh the possibilities! Welcome to this Frilly and Funkie Saturday Step X Step. I'll show you how I crackle glass perfect for your projects or paper crafts and while it dries we'll watercolor and bend metal! Now that I have you thinking...let's crackle! 

I shared this project a couple weeks ago here and I wanted to show you how I managed this technique.

I started with an old jar and glue. You can also use Ranger's Glue n' Seal.

Cover the jar with an even coat of glue.

I left the flat circle alone so you can see a peek window,

While that dries it's a good time to watercolor the Perspective Butterfly.

I started with Mermaid Lagoon! Do you have yours yet?

Add the cracked pistachio, mustard seed and abandon coral.'s drying! You want to see this mat look.

To get a more bold look you can use your distress markers to accent and make that color pop!

You can see here how I'm accenting to get that more intense color!

Now that the glass is dry add a coat of Distress Crackle Paint!  Once the crackle is done drying you can add all your embellishments.

While you wait for the crackle to dry it's a good time to do some fussy cutting.

Ink the edges.

I put a coat of Clear Rock Candy Stickles on the butterflies.

I wanted to add a wordband to the lid so this is where we get to bend it!

Use your crafty pliers and bend a little bit at a time to achieve a nice even curve.

See, it takes no time to bend your wordband,

I used some linen ribbon to wrap the lid and attach some hot glue to help it stay put.

And there you have it! A pretty cracked project! While you wait you can work on some creative accents.

You can even crackle acetate or clear packaging for your paper crafting. How about a crackled glass jar full of creepy things for Halloween. Or crackling a frosty scene for a Holiday project. There's so many great ways to apply this!

I hope you enjoyed the Crackle Technique.




  1. Fabulous crackling....a great tut too, thanks for sharing. This reminds me of the museum pieces with butterflies in but yours is very eco butterflies harmed in the making of it...LOL! Beautiful colouring too. What a great piece to display X

    1. Haha Jane...not one butterfly was hurt in the making of this craft! Thank you for checking out this Saturday Step x Step!

  2. This is such a fabulous idea for using the crackle technique Nicole!!! REALLY do need to keep my eyes peeled for a glass cookie jar now :) Jenny x

    1. Jenny, I get mine from the $1 Store if that helps :)

  3. Fantastic step x step Nicole! The bright colours of the butterfly are beautiful and show up perfectly behind the crackled dome. Sue C x

  4. Oh, love this! Your butterfly is beautifully colored. Great step out, too! Thank you!

  5. LOVE this, Nicole! I'm so pleased that you have shared with us how you achieved your amazing recent project. Your butterfly is so beautifully colored and your bent word band is so cool. Fab project!


  6. Such a great technique, beautifully executed Nicole - LOVE that butterfly! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. Thanks so much for the tip for bending the metal word bands. I never would have thought of that! Your crackled glass project is fabulous!

  8. A fabulous step by step Nicole.....I saw this on your blog and I am delighted you are sharing it here as it looks fantastic

    Tfs and best wishes
    Annie x

  9. Amazing! The crackle looks wonderful. I'm definite going to try this. Also, your distress watercolor butterflies are gorgeous. Thanks for doing the step x step.

  10. NicoleI l think this is a fab project ! Amazing tutorial! Love this! barbarayaya

  11. Great tutorial Nicole! Was trying to remember how to do this earlier this evening and went googling... if only I had seen this earlier - LOL. Nikki x

  12. Wonderful tutorial Nicole, thank you so much! I never thought to crackle glass but wonderful idea to add the modge podge for some 'tooth' to allow the crackle to adhere to the glass. And bending word bands, never would have thought to do that either! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques.