Friday, November 17, 2023

Janna's Snowy Day Card

Today for TFJB Inspiration Ave we are creating to the theme of “A Snow Day”. Here I wanted to feature two different ways to create snow with Distress products.

To see a full process video, click here.

Supplies used: Sizzix Reindeer sleigh, Distress Glitter, Distress Spray Stain Chipped Sapphire, Distress Sprayer, Distress Glaze Rustic Wilderness, Distress Watercolor Cardstock, Distress Texture Paste Snowfall, Distress Embossing Dabber, Ranger heat tool, Stencil THS021, Alcohol Ink Dura-Lar, Idea-ology Label Sticker and Design Tape, Idea-ology Tiny Attacher, and Collage Medium.

To start our wintery background I began with some Distress Watercolor Cardstock and then spritzed it with water. After I added a few spritzes of Distress Spray Stain Chipped Sapphire.

Next I dipped and dried to build up distressed layers with the Distress Sprayer and Ranger Heat Tool.

For our first type of snow I spread a bit of collage Medium onto the base of the card to make hillsides. Then I sprinkled Distress Glitter over the top for scintillating snow. I then let the base dry for about 10 minutes.

Next we will be stamping some bottle brush trees (CMS455) on some Dura-Lar cut down to 5.5x4.25in.

I stamped the trees directly onto the bottom half of the Dura-Lar using the Distress Embossing Ink Dabber. Initially the ink is difficult to see, but can be made visible by tilting the Dura-Larat an angle.

Next I slid a piece of paper under the substrate before dusting some Rustic Wilderness Distress Glaze over the top. Any excess glaze was brushed off with a paintbrush.

Then I heated and embossed with the Sizzix embossing heat gun.

For our second snowy technique I pulled out the stencil THS021 and spread Texture Paste Snowfall through it on the Dura-Lar This gives us a beautiful icy snow. The texture paste took about 15 min to dry.

Going back to our base layer, it is now time to add the main focal point. For the focal point I used the Sizzix die cut set Reindeer Sleigh. I die cut the deer and sleigh out of Distress Heavy Black Kraft Stock.

Since these deer can be layered I added an icy highlight to the second layer of deer with a Distress Mica Crayon Frozen Fog before gluing down the layer.

Next I attached the layer of Dura-Lar over the top of the Watercolor Cardstock with the Idea-ology Tiny Attacher. 

For finishing touches I added a blue scalloped boarder of Idea-ology Decorative Tape and a Holiday Label Sticker.

Below is the complete card.

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