Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Lyla's Gratitude Clipboard

   November is the month of Thanksgiving and those of us on The Funkie Junkie Boutique's Design Team have quite a lot to be grateful for! Owner Linda Coughlin is challenging us to show just how grateful we are with the newest theme she's aptly titled "Season of Gratitude". From all the photos I share on my blog, it's definitely one of the most important things to me and if you'll join me on this latest tutorial, I'll share with you the perfect sentiment I found - from Tim Holtz!

'Tis the season to start using those NEW TIM HOLTZ DIES!

Let me share my List of Links with you for the products I've used:

Sizzix Tim Holtz Skeleton Leaves Thinlits Die Set

The first thing I did was use my screwdriver to remove the Hitch Fasteners that hold the clip to the board. The board itself is an actual clipboard and Tim's right - it's a product that is too underused! This little board is very cute and versatile too, being 5x7 inches.

I decided to use the retired TH Kraft Core stock paper once again. I ended up using 2 of the 3 Thanksgiving sheets for the front. It just looked good.

I grabbed a very old, very unused pair of deckle scissors to trim the edges with.

You can see that each page has the very same design, so I kept them lined up in the layers. After sanding the one on the left, you can see the difference it made.

I finally chose one of the sanded pieces to use as my front side, and used some Glossy Accents to adhere it to the board. I used my TH Craft Pick to remake the holes for the clip to go back onto.

Time to break out the new TH Candle Shop Thinlits Set! I always open my dies and count them out to make sure each piece is there. VERY RARELY, you may find a mistake and you'll be able to catch it before you get going. In a few instances, you may find an extra piece: and do an extra little happy dance!
This happened to me twice, so far!

Next, I go into my YouTube to find Tim's latest video on the particular die set, (in this case: Sizzix: How To Assemble Tim Holtz Colorize Die Candleshop 666381and after I watch it in its entirety, I replay it to take screen shots of the pieces and another set of screen shots for the colors. This helps me pick out the right shades better.

Tim Holtz has some great cardstocks that go especially well with this Die Set,so choosing my own color scheme was easy.

Then simply follow the cutting sequence from the numbers & letters on the backside of the dies.

I made an extra bottom layer cut for each candle- so the backs would be finished like a real candle.
Then I added double-sticky foam in between those two bottom layers and glued all around the edges of each candle. The results were little 'pillows' of each candle. This would stand out more.

I wanted a bit of fall in the background, so I cut some TH Skeleton Leaves and inked them up with some Distress Oxides.

I did one of my fave techniques: faux rusting... by adding Distress Paint (Walnut Stain), then sprinkling
some embossing powder (I used Tim's retired Distress Embossing Powder in Vintage Photo) and heating it till dry. Repeat the process till you're happy with the results. For the frame (retired, but Tim does have new ones out- which I listed above),  I used Statue Foundry Wax and rubbed some Distress Paint in Salvaged Patina all over it.  If you peel off half the cardboard from the Quote Chip Label, it fits better inside. I rubbed the Chip with a bit of Distress Crayon in Vintage Photo, first, and added a couple of Long Fasteners just for looks.

And this is what my cute Clipboard Reminder looks like:


The perfect sentiment was inside the TH Chip Quotes Labels!


 This is probably one of my favorite projects I've done this year, simply because it was SIMPLE.
Sometimes, simplicity is what life calls for, and I'm grateful for all those little, simple things...a few moments watching the leaves turn colors... gliding along in the water- no sound needed here!... the smiles of my Grandchildren... and so much more- each just a simple thing.
I'm thankful for such wonderful people to work for and with, Linda and the rest of the Design Team, and very humbly honored to be included in such an elite group of fellow Designers!
And finally; I'm filled with gratitude for all the folks who keep joining us here at The Funkie Junkie Boutique for more Inspiration Ave makes: you keep US inspired! 
Be sure to come back in every couple of days for more "Season of Gratitude" and don't forget to stock up at The Funkie Junkie Boutique for everything you'll need during the Holidays to come!

Until next time...

Stay Safe &

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