Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Focus - Lace Mini Album

It is Cec here and today I am presenting the Friday Focus on Venise Laces and I am going to show you this lace mini album.  For the next two weeks all the Venise Laces at The Funkie Junkie Boutique will be further discounted by 15% so this will be a perfect time to stock up.

So let's get started.

We have a thrift store nearby and I had never been inside until a few weeks ago and I found this small album for just 99 cents - what a deal and a perfect base for an album.  The first thing I did was to rip out the plastic photo holders on the inside.

I won't be providing measurements because each album is unique and I had to figure out every measurement based on this particular album but I will show you the process I went through.  The first thing was to cut a piece of batting to cover the album. 

Next I covered both the inside and outside with a layer of woven fabric making sure that I cut it at least 3/4 of an inch larger than the album.  I did not use hot glue because it isn't smooth but in the end, the lace may have covered any bumps if I had used it.

I put the inside cover on first and then ran a narrow strip of double sided tape on the fabric right next to the album edge so that when I added the top cover, I could adhere the two covers together and then the edge would not show.  Once the covers were attached I cut the edges down to about 1/2" using pinking shears.

I would have preferred to cut the edges with regular scissors and fray the edges but this was cheap fabric and it would not fray straight.  Usually you can pull a thread each direction to find the straight of the grain of the fabric but this would not let me so I went with the pinking shears - and got a vacuum cleaner out to pick up all the little fabric bits on my workspace :)

Next I started to make pockets for the inside of the album.  I didn't have any double-sided card stock that was large enough so I just found some digital prints in my computer files that I thought would look good together (these are from Far Far Hill) and printed them double-sided on white card stock on my laser printer.

Here is a pocket all glued together.  The fold-over flaps and seam at the back are glued down and there is a small strip of double-sided tape on the inside bottom, which makes this a pocket.

After I got all the pockets made I realized that I had wanted to add some inking with Frayed Burlap Distress Ink on all the edges so to make that happen on the fold-over flaps since they were already glued down, I just put a piece of paper up against the edge and got it done - where there is a will, there is a way.  I made a total of six pockets

Next I made a binding system and attached it to the inside of the spine using a strong liquid glue.  There is a fair bit of space between so that lots of things can be stuffed into each pocket.  Each of the upright strips will have a pocket on each side.  The other two pockets will be fastened to the inside of the front and back.

The next step was to adhere all the pockets.  I started with the pockets attached directly to the covers and then added the pockets to the binding system making sure that they were back to back.  After I finished I added an extra top loading pocket to each of the pockets on the insides of the covers but forgot to take a photo of this.

Next I made a stacked flower to go on the front.  It is just a Prima flower, with a gathered piece of organza and a section cut from a piece of lace I had in my sewing room.  I also crocheted a "flower" or medallion to use on the back but didn't take a separate photo of that but you will see it on the album.

The next step was to pull a bunch of different Venise laces to work with.  The best thing about this project is that you can use little leftover strips and nothing has to match.  I took some lace hem binding and attached that to the sides of the front and back so that the album can be tied together when it is full.

Then I started covering the front and back with lace.  At first I tried laying it out to create a pattern and then realized that it looked better if I just dove in and started adding it.  Make sure that your lace overlaps onto the spine by a tiny bit.

Once all the lace was added I added a pre-made fancy tulle strip to cover the spine because something vertical looked better than a strip of lace.  Then I added the embellishments - the crochet "flower" to the back, a vintage image framed in lace to the front, the stacked flower, a bunch of glittery Prima flowers that had been in a spray but I took them apart and pink pearls here and there.  I also made a couple of bead charms and attached them to the spine with a tiny pink bow.

You can use any of the Venise laces (and the Venise lace appliques) that are available from The Funkie Junkie Boutique but these are the ones that I have used:


  1. Oh Cec! This is so utterly gorgeous! A 99 cent album most definitely never looked so good, becoming something you'd treasure, not find in a thrift store any more. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous tutorial. Jenny x

  2. What a treat of wonderful laces and thoughts... I love this little album of glorious lace... so very feminine and glorious.... oh my goodness... ... I love it all.. I keep on flipping back up to see that lace and the pages.. I think I have to do a copy and paste on this one... I LOVE IT ALL... outstanding work/play... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  3. An utterly gorgeous result! I'm drooling over all that beautiful Venise lace. Wonderfully designed project. Love how you finished it off with the randomly placed flowers and pearls. The bead charms and bow are the perfect finishing touches. Fantastic step by step, Cec!


  4. Wow Cec your album is simply stunning! The lace is gorgeous and I love the binding system with the pockets. Sue C x

  5. An absolutely stunning album, Cec! It's so frilly and romantic! I can't take my eyes off it. You are now the official Queen of Venise lace!! I love your clever binding system as well. Thank you so much for the great tutorial!!