Friday, March 10, 2023

Spring Reliquary Dome

Hello and welcome back!  Janna here for TFJB Inspiration Ave Blog.  We are creating to the theme of Spring Frolic. For this week's creation, I have decided to feature the brand new Tim Holtz Idea-ology Reliquary Dome and other new Idea-ology elements. For video tutorial click here.

Used: Vintage Photo, Reliquary Dome, Distress Foundry Wax, Transparent Things 2, Idea-ology Clips, Word Tags, Organic Layers, Adornments Foliage, Collage Medium, Ephemera Large Pallet, hot glue, Distress Crayon Vintage Photo, and Picket Fence.

To start this project, we are going to be using the new Tim Holtz Idea-ology Reliquary Dome. Inside it, we are going to be creating a spring themed environment.

To start I am going to use one of the new Transparent Things 2 pieces. This is going to be our background and the foundation for the theme of Spring Frolic.

Next, we are going to build up the cork base of the dome with some tin foil. This I’m going to transform into a grassy knoll with some pieces of moss and collage medium. To start, crumple up the tin foil into a couple of oblong pieces and glue them to the cork base with some hot glue.

Next I smeared a generous portion of collage medium over the top of the tinfoil and then gently placed the moss pieces.

While the mossy knoll is drying, we are going to be altering some tiny toadstools. These are from an older Idea-ology release. I will be altering these with some alcohol ink. For alcohol inks I am using Terracotta and Latte.

With a little bit of isopropanol, I diluted the alcohol ink on the media mat before painting it onto the toadstools. For the caps of the mushroom, I use the Terracotta and for the stems I use the Latte inks.

For finishing touches on the tiny toadstools, I added a little bit of Distress Crayon Vintage Photo. I then smudged the crayon over the top of each of the mushrooms.

For our next alteration, I am taking some of the Adornments Foliage and altering it with a dash of Distress, Foundry Wax, Gilded. I painted the Foundry Wax directly onto the pieces before blasting these with the embossing heat gun.

For a pop of color I am going to be altering some of the Idea-ology flowers. 

To alter the flowers, I am using Distress Mica Spray Stain Harvest Moon and Peppermint Stick. I spritzed each bunch of flowers with some water before adding the mica spray stain. After which I then dried the flowers with the Ranger heat tool.

Here I am altering some leaves from the Organic Layers set. I distressed all of the leaves with some Vintage Photo distress ink before adding a wire onto the back of each leaf with some hot glue. I am adding the wire to the leaves so I can poke them into our tin foil base so the leaves can stand up.

Either an added wires to other ephemera pieces, including a bird from Transparent Things 2. 

With wire in the base of our paper and transparent embellishments, I was able to place these onto the cork and tinfoil base. The wire allows each element to stand up on its own without support of other elements.

Here I am adding the leaf layer elements to the base.

Once the flat elements were placed, I then added in the tiny toadstools with a dash of hot glue.

Now, for some fun with sticks. I thought you probably remember sticks were a very big deal last year, so it always brings a smile to my face when I add a stick to a project now. Our bird from Transparent Things 2 was placed onto a twig that I found outside. With a piece of wire that I had attached to the bird, I was able to wind around the branch and allow the bird to sit upright.

Adding in the bird on the twig was my last large element for the interior environment of the Reliquary Dome. Now it is on to the finishing details for the interior.

For finishing touches on the inside, I added the Adornments Foliage Pieces, and the bright altered flowers. These elements I glued into the dome with some collage medium. Around the cork base I also wound a layer of brown twine. This I also paired with a piece of velvet trim to help conceal where the dome meets the cork base.

Next I placed the dome back over the top of the cork base, along with a backdrop from Transparent Things 2.  Around the base of the dome, I also added a pair of Metal Gates. These two are from an older Idea-ology release. Very gently with my hands I carefully bent each gate segment so that they curved around the dome. The gate I glued in place with hot glue.

Now for the finishing touches on the outside of the dome. Due to the weight of the Metal Gates, there was quite a bit of glue around at the base of the dome. To camouflage this, I added in more mossy pieces with Collage Medium poking out and in between the open areas of the fence. The last element that I added to the dome was a Word Tag with the word Story on it. I altered the tag with a touch of Picket Fence then I tied the tag onto the gates with a small piece of twine.

Below is the completed reliquary dome. I absolutely love the shape and space of the dome. There was so much room on the interior to create a full environment, and it was an absolute delight, placing each of the pieces.

Thank you so much for joining me here today for TFJB Inspiration Ave challenge. Until next time, happy crafting!

Janna~ 💕🎨💕

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