Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Step by Step - Faux Fabergé

Hi everyone. Jenny (Buttons) here, and it's my turn to share a step by step project with you. A little while back I altered some hearts, and discovered that the marks left by the embossing tools were still visible through the 'enamel look' surface. That got me thinking about the amazing Imperial Easter Eggs and pieces of jewellery created by the House of Fabergé like this one;
Spurred on by those hearts I set about recreating this type of look with some standard craft products and a small empty coffee tin (I'm a little short on gold and diamonds at the moment!)
Not bad for a first attempt and definitely a more glamorous container for storing craft tools than a plain old tin! Here's how I went about it.
I added a base coat of gesso to the can, though this isn't necessary if your surface has some 'tooth' to it. Embossing paste was added to the bottom of the can through a stencil and left to dry before strips of metal foil were used to cover the tin. When adding the metal foil over the stencilled area you need to take you time and ease the foil carefully into the crevices to stop it ripping. I used a large embossing tool in small sections. Cover the rest of the tin with more foil, making sure you burnish it thoroughly with the back of a small spoon to remove any creases or joins.
Using the existing raised stencilled area as a guide I used the stencil as a pattern, 'drawing' around the inside edges of each shape with a small embossing tool. This created an indented pattern over the rest of the flat surface.
Next I covered the surface with a coat of clear embossing powder, heating it to create a glossy look.
The glossy surface was covered in Alcohol Ink; I used a blending tool to work the ink over the flat parts and a brush to get it into the crevices. At this point it looks dull. However, when heated very gently the ink sinks into the embossed surface and it becomes glossy again. If you find some areas become patchy add more ink and reheat very gently. Suddenly all that embossing becomes visible underneath the 'enamelling'.
I added some gilding wax to the raised areas and the edges of the can. Do this with your finger, a brush or even a cotton bud, whichever you prefer. Allow the wax to dry and buff with a dry cloth to bring out the shine.
To embellish the tin I added a Prima jewelled strip at the top and some Venise lace, inked to match, at the bottom. And with that it was ready for use.
The close ups let you see more of that embossed detail. You could do this freehand if the surface is flat and/or you feel confident, but I found a stencil made my embossing more accurate.
Don't those Prima embellishments and Venise lace really finish the whole thing off beautifully?
And to show it will work with other colours/designs/shapes...
This one incorporated the same paste stencilling, inking, and gilding around the edge.
The embossing worked well on the lid (it is much easier on a flat surface!!)
It's easy to add that touch of luxury without breaking the bank; filigree metals, pearls and lace make any project look better.
So, are you ready to have a go at creating your own piece of bespoke Fabergé? If you pop some of your own handmade flowers on you could even enter our current challenge HERE.
Have a great weekend,
Jenny xxx


  1. Wow what an amazing technique and stunning outcomes. Just brilliant Jenny. Xx

  2. Definitely very glamorous - what a cool technique!
    Alison x

  3. Wow, wow and wow again! This is such an uber cool project - I adore the colors and the texture, especially the gold wax at the bottom. This is really taking crafting to the next level! Awesome job, Jenny!


  4. Wow Jenny! This really is a project and then some! Gorgeous rich colours and a great technique! Chrisx

  5. What a fabulous project! I love the Faberge eggs and you've really captured the feel of those works of art. Thanks for the tutorial. I need some tool holders, so I'll be looking to this post for technique!! Beautiful!

  6. This is fabulous Jenny!! I am floored. Thanks so much for the step X step. Your tutorial gives me all sorts of ideas. I love the texture and the gem-like quality that the clear embossing gives the entire project. Stunning colors and overall concept. Love both projects! -- Mary Elizabeth

  7. A great and very different effect x hugs trace x

  8. Jenny, I don't even know what to say except, WOW! You took an ordinary object and made it totally glamorous! I love that you happened upon the technique while doing something entirely different. We need to name it after you, like how mathematicians name theories and equations after themselves:-)) you are amazing!!

  9. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant love everything you have done, clever lady!!

    Patricia xxx

  10. You are immensely creative and inventive Jenny! These look stunning and the bejeweled tones are perfect! Wow again! Nicola x

  11. Wow! What a fabulous technique with gorgeous results!

  12. Super take on Fabargé Jenny! and a fabulous tutorial! Really stunning results!! ((hugs)) Rebecca

  13. Fabulous project Jenny, it will definitely add a touch of luxury to your craft room! Sue C x

  14. Fabulous Jenny! Very regal, love the technique thanks for sharing x

  15. Jenny, this altered storage container is pure gorgeousness! So rich and regal! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!