Wednesday, November 16, 2022

This Accordion Folio is packed with more Tim Holtz 2022 Christmas IdeaOlogy!

  It’s Lyla again, and I’ve been having much fun with the brand new 2022 Tim Holtz products we're showcasing for The Funkie Junkie Boutique's Inspiration Ave, and this time around is all about Tim's Christmas IdeaOlogy. There are so many choices when it comes to the IdeaOlogy line: you can go for thick (Baseboards and/or Layers), thin (detailed Ephemera), or go three-dimensional with resin items that can be brightened up with your choice of color scheme or left as is.  When you try pairing any of these with Tim Holtz's usual in-stock items and Distress choices, your own imagination is your only limit. But that's why we, TFJB's Design Team for Inspiration Ave, are here: to give you some ideas, inspiration, and for the times when you're in need of a tip or suggestion or looking for that latest hot item that everyone else is using. The Funkie Junkie Boutique hopes to be your first stop after you decide what you'd like to make. So, let's get to it!

Remember that happy mail that I posted last time? I was giving you a sneak peek!
This is only a smidgen of the things you'll find from The Funkie Junkie Boutique,
but I'll be linking these at the end of this post, to help you find what I used for this make.

Tim brought back his Christmas Collage Paper for 2022, 'and I still had my roll
left from 2021 and am still in love with it. I decided to pair it up with 
the all new for 2022 Accordion Folio- an item I hope stays, since it's so versatile.

After watching Paula Cheney (click here for her Halloween make) and realizing at the last minute
that I didn't have any Ranger Multi Medium Matte left, I did try the Glossy Accents onto one area
as a test, but GA was not the right feel I wanted and halfway through, I saw it was
not sticking well. Just a warning that you may want to test out your "go-to" fave glue, first.

So, I got out the old tried and true ModPodge and while it wasn't as easy to do as MMMatte,
it worked for this project pretty well. I must mention that I didn't plan to add
Distress product on top of this coat of MP/Collage Paper/topcoat of MP. 
I wanted the Collage Paper to simply give me a background for the thread color
and IdeaOlogy items to pop. Just another thought to consider if you're using ModPodge.

If you look closely, you can see the shine of the Glossy Accents on the panel with the word "Tide",
while the panel at the bottom is smoother and sticks better than the GA panel.
This is the outside of the entire Folio, which I knew I wanted fully papered.

This is the inside of the Accordion Folio.
Here's where your personal choices come in: how you want your Folio to fold, tuck, pocket,
stretch out, hidden spots, or anything you come up with. I had to decide what I wanted
it to structurally look like before I papered it- so the folds would work well and not tear the tissue.

This is how I did it for mine...
I started making ideas one area at a time,
 writing down on pieces of paper what that area/panel
was going to be, then snapped a photo with my iPhone of it.
I did this for each element of the Folio, and then....

... I was able to paper each, knowing which way it was going to fold, hide, or act as a pocket.
The photos helped me remember as I went, so I could cut the tissue without getting 
glue and tissue everywhere. It also helped in case I got interrupted!

When I was finished, I had each area perfectly covered with
the tissue going in the directions I wanted it to 'move'.

I decided to add a bit of color to the Folio's included ribbon by stitching down the middle.

After I sewed the ribbon to the Folio itself, I did use some Glossy Accents onto
the stiches just to keep the threads from pulling back out.
when you're sewing a front-and-back paper item, you can only have so many
rows of stitches on top of one another before the paper item gives way and tears,
so, I chose to sew only once and add a little GA to keep it there & it worked out well.

With the bottom-layer-glue/tissue/top-layer-of-glue technique on the Folio,
it was surprisingly very supple yet tough, easy to move around and to sew,
"sew" I stitched away all I pleased! (Pun intended, lol!)

Since I wanted to make one of my elements into a booklet off to one side,
I got out those leftover pieces of manilla cardstock I used for my last project
using Tim Holtz Distress Christmas Mica Spray Stains (Set 3)
(if you want to rehash how to make these, click here, Christmas Distress Products)
The shade of red thread made the pieces on the next table catch my eye.
I cut another full sheet of the cardstock to fit the Folio,
and cut down the leftover sheet to fit as front and back covers.
The resulting leftover sliver and slice made cute edgings in the other spots.

This is what I ended up with once I was finished with the Folio itself.

Now came the fun part: embellishing the Folio with 
Tim Holtz Christmas IdeaOlogy!

Just to show the difference between one product (Baseboards, Christmas)
from 2022 on the left and 2021 on the right:
the brand new 2022 set has a cream shade instead of the 2021 brighter white shade.
Small difference in coloring, with some of the frames being the same, yet there are
 a few more VERY CUTE pieces in the newer 2022 set.

Another element I wanted to add was a shaker card.
(THANKS! to the one who shared her shaker card make like this on Tim Holtz Addicts FB page!)
I also took another tip from a friend (THANKS, AUTUMN!) to use
those Tim Holtz package board backgrounds for backing. The 'snow' was what this needed!

I used my Distress products sparingly, but the Baseboards
needed edging in Walnut Stain Distress Crayon.
I used one of my fave "go-to" Oxides Ground Espresso, for some aging on several pieces
and heat dried each with my heat tool.
This set of Baseboards shown, each got a background for changing out photos,
with Fresh Balsom Mica Spray Stain from the Set 3.
The colors were very complimentary together.

I decided I needed to be able to have my own TH Christmas Pocket Card 
to pretend to send out from the Folio...
sporting a milk cap from the Christmas Layers and Tim's Christmas Paper Dolls
carefully chosen to resemble my four Grandbabies
and colored with Tim's new 2022 Distress Watercolor Pencils (Sets 1 and 3).

As promised, here's a list of links to help you find some things you'll need to make a TH
Accordion Folio filled with 2022 Christmas IdeaOlogy...

And here is the finished project...



And a video!

I hope you've enjoyed this little make and taken some inspiration from this post to use
some Christmas IdeaOlogy for a little time off from all the running around that
usually comes at this time of year to sit and do a little cutting & pasting of your own.
 IdeaOlogy makes it so easy and being easy makes things fun!
Don't forget to add your comment to the TFJB's Inspiration Ave page
for a chance to win a $25 shopping spree, and be sure to check back in for
more awesome projects coming up from my fellow Design Team Members using more 
Tim Holtz Christmas IdeaOlogy.

Until next time...

Stay Safe &




  1. Beautiful project! I love the layering and textures! The ribbon closure is a great idea! So many pretty details!

  2. Denise, that ribbon closure comes with the Tim Holtz Accordian Folio! No worries about having the right thing, or the right length, for tying up your project: it's already included in the package! It's nicely priced to boot!