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Lyla's Travel Folio

TFJB Inspiration Ave is back today kicking off a new two week inspiration theme Get Ready to Travel.  Memorial Day weekend is unofficially the beginning of the summer travel season here in the USA and we want to help jumpstart your travel themed craft projects.  Lyla is first up with her travel folio.

I hope you had a very pleasant Memorial Day weekend- not only taking the time to think of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom here in this country, but also took advantage of that to have a bit of relaxation. One of those hard-fought-for freedoms is being able to travel and see the wonders of our world - what a great blessing! Our family took to the road for a camping trip that included 8 campers altogether as most of our Indiana Besties joined us. I used some of that time to finish up this project which has been in the making for MONTHS! I started it while still in Florida, and kept adding to it as I traveled across the eastern US from Florida, to Indiana, to New York, and back to Indiana again. Out of the past 8 months, I have traveled/lived elsewhere for 6 of those months! This project really does fit the theme for this next to weeks here on TFJB Inspiration Ave: "Get Ready To Travel!" I've got a lot of photos here and have included a few tips for you as well. Travel along with me to see!

Yes, I'm using a Tim Holtz Accordion Folio once again, and paired it with some of Tim's older Collage Paper Travel.

I only wanted the INSIDE of the Folio covered with the Travel Collage Paper (at top), so please ignore the outer part of the Folio (which was for another project).

I took some TH Collage Paper Typeset to cover parts of the outer Folio.  I decided to keep some of the manilla coloring, so using some water and a water brush to help tear the tissue. Paula Cheney showed this technique and it really does make it easier to tear out just what you wanted.

Here are the finished pieces I'm using for this project.

Not to let that Accordion Folio be used all alone...I picked up some simple file folders (for taxes) back in March, and thought they were too cheap not to get another package and match it up for an outer cover for my Travel book. The manilla was perfect and it was a really good thickness to use with Eileen Hull's Frame Pocket Journal Plus Die. I cut six of everything just in case I made a mistake with two.

Since I was going to need more elements to fill up the extra pages that would come with using the Eileen Hull die...this little photo I took while on a Floriday hunt for treasures hit me on an idea for those extra pages!

So, I dug through all my stash papers I brought and sure enough: I found just the ones I was looking for. These would fill out part of the inside. I chose NOT to use the die to cut these, while at first that was my plan. Instead, I waited to simply cover the base that the manilla folders would become.

In making the base, I layered 2 sets of front and back (you'll need 2 cuts for one layer plus another cut to 
make the foldover that holds the envelope tab closure). I only glued the LEFT SIDE together, eaving the top of the right side unglued.

In the covering (Retired TH Stack Correspondence), you can see the page on the right side is able to be lifted up as there is another page underneath.

Here is the base shown again, so you can see the right side page is flipped to the left, and there is another flap on the right side that was under that page. This is so that a map will be able to fold out fully- with another surprise tucked in!

Here are the covered map pages. You can see there is a folded tab over the right side. We'll get to that as we see the finished project.

Here's the backside - cut so that the fronts meet on the map, and the spine has the bottom pasted layered between.

It took LOTS of Distress Oxide Ink in Vintage Photo to make everything take on that aged look I love! It took a LOT of TIME, so I did this whenever I could get the chance over the past 2 months!

But the added elements were coming together- like this little burlap bag to hold any little doo-dads we tend to pick up along the way by car, plane, or train.

I picked out some TH Idea-ology- some old, some newer - and left it all mostly as is. The new Large Word Plaque did get some Distress Paint in Salty Ocean rubbed onto it. I think the Large Fasteners work better than the Long Fasteners when it comes to the Compasses, and the Word Plaques- in moho. However, I find that both types of TH Fasterners are a MUST in any Idea-ology use.

Here's TIP #1: If you're finding it hard to get that TH Long Fastener or TH Large Fastener to fit into a hole smaller than needed...just use your TH Tonic Studios Black Kushgrip Snip w/Non-Stick Blade & Cap 7"
and push one blade into said hole & grind it around, just till hole is as large as desired.

And here's TIP #2:  I wanted my closure to be added with TH Fasteners but already had all my papers adhered to the base pages. No problem! Simple use a TH Craft Pick (or thin hole puncher) and slide it in between all the layers. Gently move it into an arc until you have sufficient room for the end of a TH Fastener to go into. Don't worry about any tears (like shown here) as they will be covered up with the item you're placing on top with the Fastener.  Go to next photo...

Add your TH Fastener to the chosen item (I'm using a Mini Gear), tie your choice of string, ribbon, tie, etc, to the Fastener or item, and use pliers to slightly separate the Fastener "legs" by curling the ends into 2 "feet" that are going in opposite directions of each other. Add a tiny dab of Glossy Accents (or your choice of fast-drying glue) into the space you created in the layers of paper. Place the "feet" down into that opening of the paper, and gently push down and outward on the entire thing. The curls should move into the space and lay flat. Place entire thing down flat or use pliers to flatten fully. You'll have a strong grip on whatever closure, tie, or item.

Time to sew the two main books together to make them one larger book.

And make LOTS of tag inserts!  I used scrap paper to make this one while still in Florida...

...and used some more Tim Holtz products along with the new Backdrops Vol 4 paperie to make several sets of inserts (2 or 3 inserts per group).

Here's a list of links for Products used:

This is what my finished travel book (titled "Fly, America, Fly!") looks like:

Thanks so very much for joining me on this leg of our travels at TFJB's Inspiration Ave !

Don't forget to check back in every few days so you can get more inspiration from the newest theme as the rest of the Design Team posts their take on "Get Ready to Travel!".

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