Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Focus - Crinoline

Please note:  since The Funkie Junkie Boutique is temporarily closed, the Friday Focus products will not be offered at 15% off.

Hi, thank goodness it's Friday!  It's a really good day today as I've also taken a day's holiday to do some much needed crafting! It's Sue here and today's Friday Focus is all about Crinoline. I absolutely love this fabric, it is so versatile whether you are die cutting, stamping or painting.

I recently bought the Tim Holtz snowflake die and thought it would look great made from Crinoline! 

I just used one thickness of the fabric which cut really well.

I then folded it as you would if you'd cut it from paper or card and then took a needle and thread and ran the needle through all of the folds.

The snowflake starts to gather as you pull the thread tight.

Once you reach the end sew the two ends together to complete the base of the snowflake and then I stuck the centre panel with some silicone glue.

Another thing I love to do is stamp onto Crinoline.

I've used Coffee Archival ink and this piece was intended for a background layer so I've used a large stamp.

To be sure the ink has set always heat set it (apologies for the shadow of my heat gun!). This makes sure that if you wanted to paint it as well the ink won't bleed.

Here's how I used the snowflake, I just added a shrink plastic snowflake and a bead  to it.

The background piece, I've used on this birthday card for my niece, it adds a different dimension to your projects.

I hope you've enjoyed today's Friday Focus and you all find some time to craft this weekend!


  1. Holy moly, Sue, these are fabulous. I LOVE the crinoline snowflake and that stamping on the crinoline is too cool too. I will have to give that a try. Your cards are totally wonderful. Thanks for sharing such a sensational Friday Focus!


  2. Beautiful, Sue! That snowflake looks fantastic on the crinoline... what a great idea!

  3. Lovely use of the crinoline, which I did order! That snowflake is gorgeous, as are your cards! Just love the softness!!

  4. Fabulous Sue, love the cards! Stamping and using crinoline is something I've never tried before, brilliant idea will have to try that. xx

  5. That is such a fabulous idea to use the crinoline for the snowflake and it looks like it is much easier to put together too. Your cards are both gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration. x

  6. And that demonstrates perfectly why crinoline will be top of my shopping list when TFJB reopens in January. Fantastic ideas Sue. Thanks for this. Hugs, Buttons x

  7. Brilliant Friday Focus... both the snowflake and the stamping have really tempted me to get hold of some of this crinoline stuff! Thanks so much, Sue!
    Alison x

  8. Beautiful...I looked at that die and didn't purchase it, now I'm having second thoughts!! And I also have to check out crinoline...never heard of it. Thanks for the inspiration...can I send you the bill?? hehehe!!

  9. This is beautiful Sue. I knew I bought the Snowflake die for a reason. It is sat all virgin like in it's packet....not for long though!
    Need to check out crinoline as it is probably something else in the UK!

  10. I bought crinoline right before the store closed, thinking I would make flowers with it. But these snowflakes are spectacular, and I love the stamped panel. Never would have thought of that. Thanks for the great idea!

  11. GORGEOUS!!!! That crinoline snowflake is a WOW!!!!

  12. Beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing!