Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Focus - Movers and Shapers

well it is time for another Friday focus and I am one lucky girl as I have got Movers and Shapers dies to focus on...I love these dies as they are so versatile and also have that cool Tim thing going on! Movers and shapers come in a variety of styles are are magnetic dies that work in conjunction with some of the bigz dies and/ or a base plate which is magnetic.  So hopefully I have a few projects designed to show some of the cool ways that these dies can be used.

To start off I created a large piece, which I will break down to show how I have used the Movers and shapers in different ways...So here is the large make :

Now to take this apart to show where and how the dies have been used: ( all the details for how this was made will be on my blog on Sunday)
 Firstly I cut out the pocket watch movers and shapers die and set the centre aside..this left the piece that usually would be discarded but I used this as a mask to stamp the cog design from Time Travellers set through.

I then also the pocket watch piece as a mask to cover over the stamped design so that I could ink the background.

Then using the fab circles from the movers and shapers range I firsty stamped a pocket watch using the pocket watch and base plate. Then I used the cut out shape and re cut using the smallest circle die to remove a piece from the centre, this gave me the piece placed on the box below.

So below shows the nearly finished piece that has used two masks made from the die and pocket watch base and frames, leaving a fab place in the centre just waiting to be filled...

And I gave into temptation and added another UTEE filled bottle cap complete with idea-ology gears...

The key is also a movers and shapers die and here has been used with the wonderful steampunk gent from time travellers set:

Then in another piece of the large make I again used the die cut itself and the hole left behind..if that make you can see with the cogs below..the fact that can be moved means they can cut out a piece inside a larger piece anywhere you like...really cool...

I wanted to fill the large cog shape holes with cogs and then decided to fill them with glossy accents...but the cool thing is I could position them where I wanted within the piece of card and with the magnetic base tray they were held in place perfectly.

I then used the cogs for somewhere else in the piece.

I know this is a large piece with lots of die cuts..but I wanted to show you how the same idea can be achieved on small these ATC's below where is used the in and outside pieces. Also the cool thing about the ATC is the inside space is magnetic so lots of the Movers and Shapers just fit inside...

This ATC below uses the heart shape and then the other uses the atc shape with the heart missing..

Finally a  previous piece to show other Movers and Shapers dies in action:

This piece above uses the large pocket watch die for the base and then the large pocket watch die in conjunction with the movers and shapers die for the centre piece to be removed to create the frame.

All the dies and Movers and Shapers I have used are listed below with links to the lovely Linda's Funkie Junkie Boutique, where these are already at a fab price and will now have another 15% off for this week as they are the Friday Focus..

Have a fun and inky one!
trace x 


  1. And now the ideas are buzzing around!!! So many clever ideas here Trace, like filling the shapes created in the 'waste' with cogs and Glossy Accents, and using the +'ve and -'ve parts of a die cut to create two ATC's. These are all magnificent projects to show us why we NEED these dies. Hugs, Jenny x

  2. ...awesome work Trace, great designs and techniques, a very inspiring posting...Melxx :)

  3. Wow Trace, totally fab inspiring makes! So clever the way you have used the dies both positive and negative! Very, very clever! But apart from anything else I also adore the paint and ink treatment of the different pieces and that watch make has always been one my my favourite projects of yours, I just love it! Thanks for this early morning inspiration, I can feel another order to the FJ boutique coming on.....

  4. Wow Trace! What amazing creations! A staggering amount of gorgeous detail on your main creation and those dies really are clever - must make more use of mine!
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  5. just fab Trace! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous, love it

  7. Wow Trace this is absolutely fabulous!! So many different ways of using the dies, and what a fabulous design. Thanks for so much inspiration x

  8. Fabvulous art Trace. I really was not sure what I was going to see after looking at the sneek peek on your blog. You never let us down with anything you do. I love it and cannot stop looking. Hugs Rita xx

  9. Beautiful, you made some clever use of the movers and shapers dies. It looks great!

  10. Really awesome, loving all the projects here and I love the way you have used your movers and shapers.

  11. I see we have both pulled out the time traveler! Fabulous "Friday Focus" and I love all the steampunk embellishments! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  12. A brilliant post Trace, very inspiring and I love, love, love the time traveller...... Hugs, Anne x

  13. Sensational pieces of work here, Trace, really eye-poppingly wonderful. I, too, am super inspired by the way you used both positive and negative spaces. Absolutely super examples of how we can get more use out of our movers and shapers dies!


  14. Terrific post Trace - filled to the brim with fantastic creativity and 'thinking outside the box'. Thank-you for brilliant ideas and a stunning creation too. Nicola x

  15. Fantastic post Trace ! Love how you've used the positives and negatives and incorporated Glossy Accents too. Sue C x

  16. Amazing Trace - incredible work --- what can I say that you have not heard before. Wonderful - so much to look at and so much to learn!

  17. So inspirational Trace! I love the little ATC's with those hearts. My favourite element is where you use the positive and the negative shapes to create with - simple yet so stunning and it opens up a whole new world of ideas! Off to get out those M&S's for another look!
    Hugs, Juliaxxx

  18. Completely fantastic tips and ideas, Trace - like Julia, I'm in love with the ATCs, but that glossy little frame at the end is totally delicious too - big WOW!
    Alison x

  19. Wow, wow, wow!! What amazing work you've done here, Trace! I love all of the incredible inspiration you've packed into these projects!

  20. Totally gorgeous! All the details is spectacular!

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