Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday StepXStep

Hello there, It's Rebecca for this week's step x step tutorial for Frilly and Funkie. I want to show you a little party favor in the shape of a cupcake that holds some little prizes or gifts, perhaps a sweet treat...

RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-1
Let's begin with the top...some would say the most important part because it holds the frosting!...
RebeccaDeeprose F&F stepxstep-2
Using a 3" styrofoam ball, take a serrated knife and cut it down the middle...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-3
Using a spatula and light molding paste, give the dome a luscious coating...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-4
Inserting a pin at the top, makes it easier to 'frost' the entire top. It's amazingly realistic!!!
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-4a
Cut a strip of 2-3/8" x 12" paper. This paper is from the Pion, 'Vintage Garden' collection...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-5
Score the short dimension every 1/4", all the way across...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-6
and then accordian fold it and connect one end to the other, overlapping a full fold...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-7
To create the base, punch or die cut a 1-3/4" circle and cut a strip that is 1/2" x 6". Score the strip at the 1/4" mark, down the length of the strip and then snip from one edge to the score line, all the way down the 6" length...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-8)
Wrapping the length around the base circle, overlap and adhere the ends of the strip. The cut edge will overlap and adjust to accommodate the curve...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-9
Glue the strip to the base circle. When it's dry, glue another punched circle inside this little tray, to cover the clipped ends...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-10
Glue the base to one edge of the folded sleeve. I used a generous amount of quick drying paper glue...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-11
You can see the overlap of the sleeve, just to the right of center. As the piece dries, I inserted the spare half of the styrofoam ball into the top portion, placing the curved side down. This helps to shape the base...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-12
Once the modeling paste dried, I attached a triple bow of hand dyed seam binding with a short, floral straight pin. They are about half an inch long and perfect for pinning into styrofoam. The seam binding was dampened and then dyed with distress ink reinkers...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-13
Velvety leaves were adhered under the bow and opposite each other. A paper rose was colored with a marker and glued on top of the bow. The little banner is from the Vintage Garden paper collection. It's glued to a trinket pin and the little white flower appliqué is colored with markers...
RebeccaDeeprose F&Fstepxstep-14
The lid lifts off to reveal whatever surprise you choose. I would prefer a color coordinated treat, but I settled for some candies in the cupboard! You can always color the moulding paste with a few drops of distress or dye ink, spray the dry paste with paints, sparkles..anything you can think of. A coating of adhesive and glitter would be spectacular too! Have fun with this technique and honestly, I think it would be pretty easy to set up a production line to produce a dozen or so...think of decorating each one differently!
Thanks for popping in and I hope you have a terrific day.




  1. Oh this is so clever and looks delicious Rebecca. Jenny x

  2. A really great step by step that looks gorgeous , love how you did the icing , really gorgeous idea x hugs x trace x

  3. Such clever use of the styrofoam ball! It really does look good enough to eat......we have a wedding come up soon so thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fabulous make Rebecca. It certainly is good enough to eat. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Very cute and clever idea for a party favor. And, who doesn't like cupcakes!!!