Saturday, November 2, 2013

Step by Step - Composition

Hi everyone and welcome to another Saturday Step by Step here at Frilly and Funkie. Jenny here with something a little different for you. I've been asked a lot about how I put the designs for my cards together (how I compose the layouts) and thought it would be fun to show you in video format. So here goes!...

To recap (in written form);
  • try using scrapbook layouts to help you with your basic design
  • mat and layer your larger background pieces
  • work out, and remember, what your focal point is
  • use your other elements to help draw the eye towards it
  • don't be afraid to cover up some of your beautiful layers
  • and try to 'embrace the space' rather than attempting to fill every inch of your card.
I'd love to get your feedback on this, my first foray into the wonderful world of video tutorials - has it been helpful at all, is there anything else you need covered, what can I improve, should there even be a 'next time'?!! For now, take care of yourselves and have a great weekend.

Jenny xxx

ps. As requested here's a photo of the finished card.


  1. What a brilliant card tutorial, Jenny!

    Finally someone who explains how to avoid all those "horror vacui" (=fear of empty space) driven LOs out there! Perfectly done and very inspiring! Thank you!

    Claudia x

  2. Wonderful video Jenny and very fascinating and interesting to follow your process in so much detail! I work completely differently from you, just going with the flow and following my intuition, with very little thought about the actual process, so it is fascinating to see, how we are all so very different. I am sure your approach will be really, really helpful to many people and much more fool proof than my hap hazard way of going about things. LOVED it!! And clever you putting a video together!!

  3. Great idea to make a video tutorial Jenny. It's amazing how a card can be changed by different layouts.
    TFS Annie x

  4. WooHoo!! That was brilliantly don Jenny. I have also commented over on the actual video site.
    I would say not to tie yourself to a 'next time' unless you definitely know that you have the next one in the pipeline. Other than that, let it evolve naturally & your own wonderful style will out & you will be a huge success! :D *hugs* xx

  5. This is fab Jenny, some very useful pointers to think about. Well done! My only addition would be a pic of the finished article for people to see.

    The project is a winner too! Beautiful

    Chris xxx

    1. Point taken Chris. I've added a picture of the finished card as requested. J x

  6. Really interesting Jenny to see how you work and achieve the composition. Your video is extremely professional too - I can see several opportunities opening up for you as it is all very impressive.

    I work in an entirely different way, definitely not so organised at all!

    Well done you! Happy Weekend! Nicola x

  7. this is outstanding!
    love your attention to every tiny detail.

  8. Well I'd say your first foray into video has worked well - I'm impressed.

  9. Loved the video, I always enjoy watching others work and draw inspiration from it.
    TFS and hope to see many more videos from you!

  10. Thanks for the pointers Jenny - I really need to keep all that in mind. So many makes I see have so much covered up it really looks like a mish mash. Now I will go back and watch your video!!

  11. Your video is wonderful and I do hope you make more and put them on your blog as tutorials!!! I do need help and I love your style.

  12. Fabulous card Jenny and a great video. It is always lovely to see how someone else thinks about design and placement. Look forward to seeing more x

  13. I love the card, Jenny, and it does all it says on the video! The vid is very clear & concise; the only problem I had was that it is very quiet. Really helpful & good to watch.

  14. So professionally done Jenny! A lot of really good ideas about composition. I loved hearing your voice too!!! And I really love it when people go outside their comfort zone and have a go at new and exciting dimensions to their art/craft. Well done!!!
    Dot x

  15. I enjoyed your video, and you gave some good tips. I have trouble with composition, and I'm glad you did a card.

  16. Thank you for a great video. Love your ideas of different composition options. Would love if you in another video showed some of your techniques for stenciling, coloring etc...
    Fabolous card you created.
    Thanks a lot for sharing !!!
    Hugs from SPAIN

  17. Well done, Jenny!!! Not only is this valuable information but your video production is absolutely first rate. Tremendous job on putting together a highly professional video. Thank you for sharing this with our visitors!


  18. Fantastic work Jenny, very professional and in my current state the music was very relaxing too! You are a natural. Hugs, Anne x

  19. Jenny, perfect video production! Thank you for sharing all of your talents with us! Hugs!