Thursday, November 22, 2018

Guest Designer - Debbie von Grabler-Crozier

It is time to introduce our Guest Designer for the Tis the Season for Gift Giving challenge running currently.  Please say hello and welcome Debbie von Grabler-Crozier of Pretty Things.  Debbie was the winner of the Haunted Halloween challenge.

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be here – the surprise of having my card chosen still hasn’t worn off and I smile when I think of it. I am honoured to bring to you my interpretation of the Tis The Season For Gift Giving. Thank you to the design team for giving me this opportunity.

Like many of us, I have been crafting and making things for as long as I can remember and it has always been a big part of my life. By day I am a professional craft writer and I specialize in sewing patterns for bags and home accessories. I also occasionally draft a pattern for painting, jewelry and quilt making. I adore my job because it allows me to be a stay at home mum to my little Cocker Spaniel, Daisy.

I was trained as a scientist though and I love that too. I have a few degrees in Biology and medical sciences and I love physics – that is actually my main hobby now given that what I do for a living is the usual hobby choice! I crochet too; usually while listening to metal or an audio book.

In my spare time, I have a husband and a son and of course, my two adored fur babies Daisy and Checkmate.

I have created a card which can bear a gift at the same time. This is a great choice for people living a long way away from friends and family but who go into shock at the post office delivery charges (that would be me!). They seem to take a hike in December and forget to go down again in January. But that is another rant for another day!

This card could be the answer. The gift bag on the front can take a voucher or money (not ideal in the post) or even a small actual gift like jewelry.

This card is all about layers and details. There is a mat for the first layer and then a more detailed overlay with Oxides and stamps plus a bit of splattering to add texture. The little gift card pocket comes next and after sanding, this has an embossed message which means that even after the gift has been taken out and enjoyed, there is still a Christmas shelf worthy card!

The real show is the holiday greenery and little flowers. These are all made from sanded Kraft core paper and although the foliage is Christmas specific, the small flowers and filler blossoms are not - further proof that these dies are really versatile and you can use them year round. I have made some little holly berries with Nuvo drops and some flower centres too. Finally a gold bow completes the picture and provides a focal point.

I do hope that you enjoy this one and feel inspired to make something along these lines. Happy crafting!

* * *
To get all the details about Debbie's project, check out her blog and then come on back and show us your Christmas Gift Giving project. The challenge, which can be found HERE, runs through 11:55 pm Eastern time on Tuesday, December 4th so there is time to create and hopefully shrink your to do list.

Don't forget to check in with us often because we always have lots to share. One of our designers will be here on Saturday with a new Saturday Showcase and the gals on the Funkie side of the Design Team are working on their gift ideas and will have some fabulous inspiration for the challenge to show you next Wednesday.


  1. Oh Debbie this is absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love the abundance of flowers and foliage behind the clever hidden gift bag. The sanding gives it that wonderful age worn appearance and the gold bow and pine cones that essential pop of Christmas glamour. Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Frilly and Funkie

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! Love vintage and I had huge fun using out of season flowers from a non Christmas set on this - love how versatile our toys can be! xx

  2. Great card! I guess the Core'dinations paper isn't available anymore. I have looked everywhere! hope he brings it back.

    1. I have found it in pkgs of 20 sheets at JoAnn Fabrics online. They were double-sided. I have still found these sheets as recently as 2 weeks ago- in store sold as single sheets.
      But the usual tablet of sheets can now only be found as a 6x6 pad. The pad had single-sided sheets (what is used here) with brown/cardboard color on the backsides. The pads come in 1sheet per shade with about 4 or 5 of the black in the very back last sheets.
      BONUS: You can find this very PAD RIGHT HERE ON THE FUNKIE JUNKIE BOUTIQUE!!!! And it's actually CHEAPER here than in any other store's reg price!!!
      I hope that helps!

    2. Oh no Maia I am sorry about that! You can achieve a similar effect though with a linen textured paper and dry brushing an acrylic paint over the top to bring out the texture. Very little paint is needed and an absolutely dry brush which just skims along the top of the linen effect. xx

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  4. First off; after reading the step-x-step you posted, (although I think I've said this before in a comment) I am totally THRILLED you were the Top Winner for the October Challenge in which I was the Guest Designer... because as I read each step, I was saying "Ohmygosh; she's just like ME!!" I, too, have a huge problem with 'leave it alone, now' when it comes to making details like sanding those Co'ordination papers, and (ppl here can testify to this about my projects) adding those picky details such as the extra cut top that makes the envelope look like double-sided paper was used. Oh, you are SOOOOO ME!!! And I absolutely HOPE you keep joining in because now I'm finding a NEED to see each of your projects!! Oh, dear! I need to go back & recheck so many!!! (I'm catching up.)
    Secondly; this card/gift is going to absolutely FLOOR the reciever when they find out you MADE it just for them!!!
    Thirdly; having raised Gifted/Talented boys (older is a Electrical/Mechanical Engineer and the younger is a Nuclear Engineer) who both excelled in Mathmatics (& both are married to eaqually gifted Daughters we are proud of: older is Logistics/Data & younger is HS English Edu Teacher)... YOU, my dear, are an anomoly!!!! Very few highly gifted ppl are able to master both the high end processes of Mathmatics & Physics (& Chemisrty in my boys' cases) AND be able to tout they are a truely GIFTED ARTIST as well!!! Our younger Son was in the top 200 of Honors Engineering at PURDUE with kids from all over the world. When I questioned their overall leader Professor of the 'smartness' of having all of them in the same dorm building (they can spout theorems of relativity but can't explain how to butter bread); his reply was "We understand the problems with Gifted students. That's why we always keep them all together in the dorm right across from the Fire Department. So try not to worry."
    I WORRIED!!!
    I find it a shame u can't enter your own contest here: your card would WIN; hands down!!!!
    <3 xoxox

  5. OMG thank you! Your lovely words made my day! I think that I am constantly floored at the lovely people that I have met through my crafting. It is such a humbling experience and I have friends all over the world because of this lovely activity.
    I know what you mean about creativity vs science. I actually have Aspergers (no surprise to people who see me often) and it took an age for me to summon the courage to enter a card challenge. I am so pleased that i did and I certainly will be entering more :-)
    I love my science and I cannot pass a day without using it somewhere but I could not possibly choose between that and crafting. You will be seeing more of my work!
    Wow I am impressed by your family's achievements. Gifted children are hard to raise but so rewarding. My son is too and his field is International law.
    Thank you again for your lovely and inspiring words. My soul is singing :-) xxx

  6. Wow, wow, WOOOOWWWW! Debbie, you never fail to leave my jaw on the floor with your incredible makes, and this one takes the cake! I love the surprise of the gift bag...I totally missed it at first glance. All those sumptuous flowers and the elegant gold are just a few of the details that take this above and beyond 'just a card'. However, you have made this somewhat flat for easy and less expensive mailing--something I'm working on now that I found it cost almost $1.50 to mail a card that has any dimension to it all just across town. OK, so I joined the rant...Beautiful make and I'm so happy you honored us as Guest Designer here at Frilly and Funkie. Sending hugs!

    1. that was supposed to be 'elegant gold bow' :):)

    2. Thank you! I have always lived a half a world away from my family and being able to mail something and not pay the earth for it is a driving motivation for me now. The mail costs are incredible and I have had a few disbelieving looks at the post office counter when i told them that it was just a card in the packet.
      I am very happy to be here and trust me, the thanks are all mine!Hugs right back! xx

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed making it too. It is a lovely time of the year to be a crafter xx

  8. Debbie, congratulations on this guest post, you certainly nailed it with such a stunning, festive project. I absolutely love it! Hugs, Autumn